Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Girls Week: Colorado Part III

Saturday, May 4th: Colorado Springs Here We Come
8:30 AM - Leave House
8:45 AM - Breakfast at Manna Bakery
Air Force Academy
Lunch at Rudy’s BBQ
Hike Seven Falls
Drive home

And we woke up to another eventful day!

Our breakfast from Manna Bakery was delicious! I got a huge cinnamon roll, and it was awesome!

Our drive to Colorado Springs was about an hour, so we had a great time just chatting it up in the car. When we got to the Air Force Academy, we were surprised at how empty it felt. Then we realized it was Saturday...and then we realized that Winter semester was over. The coolest sight there was the chapel. It has such a modern look to it (almost space-age like), that we were shocked to find out that it was built in the early 60’s. It was really neat to go inside and see the color from the stained-glass windows. From the outside, you wouldn’t expect any color. There were only a couple people coming in and out when we were there, so it almost felt like our own private space. Today was my turn for devotional, so I got to do mine there inside the chapel. It was really cool. After seeing the chapel (both floors/sections), we went to the visitors center. It was really fun to read about the history and college life there. Such a different experience than BYU, that’s for sure!

Even the bathroom door was all modern...hidden in the wall

By the time we were done at the Air Force Academy, we were pretty hungry and ready to eat. Amy was really excited about sharing this BBQ restaurant with us called Rudy’s BBQ. It was SO good! When we got there, the parking lot was packed! When we walked in, there was a line that could challenge Cafe Rio’s! The place was huge, and almost all of the tables were occupied. It was awesome! When you order, you get to choose from a variety of different smoked meats that they weigh for you and place on butcher paper (that you use for your plate). It was a very different style than I have ever experienced, but it was really fun.

Next up on our list, hike Seven Falls. So we didn’t really know what to expect (and I was curious as to how we were going to make this work with a five month pregnant woman). Amy said the hike was short, so we went for it. I wouldn’t really so much call it a hike as I would a stair climb! When we got to the base of the waterfall we were stunned at how drastic the stairs looked. Seriously, they were like the stairs of insanity! I looked at April....really? Good luck! Here goes nothing! I can’t say I would have braved the stairs if I had been in her place. Once we got climbing...it was actually quite scary. We took it slow and gripped the handrails for dear life. I couldn’t believe that little children and dogs were doing it without any trouble. Even old men and parents holding children! Man, they are troopers and have no issues with heights.

Just don't look down!

Such a trooper!

The hike is called Seven Falls because it follows a waterfall that falls into seven different pools before hitting the bottom. It really was a beautiful sight. And we survived! (Going down was worse than going up).

After the hike, we started the drive home. We were pretty pooped, so we didn’t want to dine-in anywhere, so we ordered Indian food from India Castle to-go. We waited in the van for quite awhile before our food was ready...we were all so exhausted. It was nice to be able to eat our dinner in Amy’s dining room. We got in our comfy clothes and took a tour of the backyard (now that we were finally home while there was still some light outside). They did such a beautiful job decorating and organizing their home! I loved it! We spent the rest of the evening chatting, eating from the “adult candy bar”, giving the Mac users some Google Drive training, and planning our next Girl’s Week. Before heading to bed, Amy surprised us with a jar of goodies to take home, as well as our own sky lanterns. How awesome!

Sunday, May 5th: Final Moments
8:00 AM - Breakfast
9:00 AM - Sacrament Meeting
Home to pack and eat lunch
12:00 PM - Leave for airport

It is always sad when the final day of Girls Days comes around! But, it came and we all had to pack up. Lucky Nancy, she got to stay an extra week with the Tuttles after Girls Week. As I have mentioned countless times...I had such a great time! Amy did a fantastic job planning and executing our weekend in Colorado. So many fun memories! Now that I am home, it is nice not to have to take so many bathroom breaks! Seriously! My in-laws have the tiniest bladders! Bathroom breaks were required at least every two hours!! Good times!

Miss and love you girls! Can’t wait for Girls Week 2014!

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