Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Side of the Story

This time while Jason was away on his fishing trip, I didn’t want to focus so much on his absence, but wanted to focus on the quality time I could have with Charlie. The first evening he was away, after a quick dinner, we took a nice leisurely walk down to Smiths for some groceries and to treat ourselves to a tasty donut. One of the bakers was out stocking the shelves and saw Charlie sitting in his stroller. After a quick walk to the back, she came back with a sugar cookie for Charlie (and Mommy) to munch on. What a nice treat!

The next day, Nancy and April invited us to head to Alpine for an afternoon at the splash pad. I was really excited to finally be able to take Charlie there. Each of us brought a contribution to the group lunch, which included sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, chips & guacamole, and wafer cookies. It was pretty dang windy that day...we were being sprayed while sitting at the tables that were a good distance away...but I would much rather deal with that wind than be baking in the scorching heat. Charlie surprised me by really enjoying the splash pad. We only walked along the outer edge because I didn’t think to wear clothes that I could get wet in (next time I’ll bring a swimsuit and venture in further). He loved holding onto my hands and walking in the puddles of water. He also loved walking in the grass while pushing Elsa’s small stroller. If he can walk and push something, he is a happy camper!

Since George was also out of town that weekend for a young men’s activity...Nancy invited us to make a night of it. We had Little Caesar's pizza, and after putting Charlie to bed, we watched a recorded episode of So You Think You Can Dance. We both love that show. I was especially excited since we no longer have any TV. We opted to just get internet and use Netflix for our TV watching pleasure.

Charlie loves emptying and filling this drawer of kid cups and bowls

The next day I made plans to stay with my family in Draper. That evening, my parents had a reception and I invited my friend, Amy, over for a sleepover. That’s right...twenty-six years old and still having sleepovers. It was really fun! I wish I could remember the last time I had one of those. We stayed up late playing Kings Quest, eating chocolate Dunford Donuts, painting each others’ nails, and experimenting with spray-on tanner. It was a blast!

Bryan has collected a huge box of big cars for Charlie to play with when he comes....in heaven!

A quick walk before putting him down to bed

On Saturday, Kimberly, Charlie, and I took advantage of Old Navy’s $1 flip-flop sale....we definitely stocked up. Later that night we went to my high school friend’s wedding reception: Sarah Rasmussen. It was a beautiful reception in her parents back yard, complete with big blow-up toys for the kids. Before heading home to see Jason, who had just returned, my family watched Oz on the projector. It was such a fun weekend...filled with things that successfully distracted me from even realizing Jason was gone. I want it to be that way every time he is gone!

Kimberly and Charlie at the reception

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