Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jason’s First Legitimate Father’s Day

Jason made it back from his fishing trip just in time to celebrate Father’s Day with us. Last year, he missed being a legit father by two days! I was anxious to be able to officially celebrate it this year. It was exciting enough just to have him back home!

In the morning, I surprised Jason with some breakfast in bed. I baked him some cinnamon rolls (his favorite), and served sausage, scrambled eggs, and grapes. He was very gracious, and Charlie was a gem...sleeping in so we could eat our breakfast in peace.

Before heading to the Grubers, we stopped at my parents to wish my dad Happy Father’s Day and drop off a group gift. Once at the Gruber’s we had a combined celebration of Father’s Day and Karl’s birthday with an outdoor hamburger dinner and strawberry shortcake dessert.

The Gruber men

Opening presents in their gorgeous backyard

Oh, Jason just sat on a chair that had a plate of dessert on it...

Jason, you are an amazing dad! Charlie loves you so much...and so do I! Happy Father’s Day...for real!

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  1. Awwww I love this! Jason is so lucky :) and sitting on that cake is priceless.