Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garden Update

(update as of June 17th)

It is so satisfying to see the garden grow! I can't help but feel excited when the plants start showing fruit. Last year, I was either really pregnant or recovering during the summer months, so I didn't get to help a whole lot with the gardening. Since I am able to this year, I have been even more pumped and have wanted to make a special effort.

By mid-June, this is what our garden looked like:



Tomatillo and Regatta Blue Splash

Hot Pepper

Tiny jalapeno

Green beans and onions

(apparently I was dead-heading them the wrong way and that is why they started growing in bunches like that)

Our tomatoes

Growing romas

Growing super-fantastic

My flowers are growing! So happy!

The joys of a garden!

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