Sunday, August 11, 2013

Strawberry Days

We finally got to celebrate Strawberry Days this year! Last year we were in the hospital having a we missed the entire week of festivities. Every year, Strawberry Days will be around Charlie’s birthday, so I bet it will make his birthday even more special in the years to come.

We didn’t do as much as I had planned, but we still participated in a few fun things. One of the nights they had a concert in the park and served free strawberries and cream. That was pretty dang good and fun. Amy was visiting me and taking Charlie’s one year pictures (more on that later), and so she came along with us to the park.

Friday night we hit up the carnival. It was fun to walk Charlie around in his stroller and let him see all of the excitement..and all of the crazy people. It’s funny how the rides once looked so fun as a when we look at those rides, all we can think about is how unsafe they look and how sick they would make us feel! Jason and I shared dinner (this time being sure not to eat anything prepared by carnies), and then treated ourselves to a giant, delicious scone!

In memory of our terrible philly's at Jackson Hole

We wanted to go to the parade on Saturday morning, but things were a little too busy preparing for Charlie’s first birthday party (madness). Maybe next year.

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