Wednesday, June 17, 2015

April - Easter and Shave Ice

We had a date night with our friends Zach and Kaari. A real date night. Camry and her friend, Alisha, came to babysit the boys. However, we were ridiculously late. Man, we always seem to be late now days, especially when meeting up with the Wingers. We met at Wild Zucchini, and thanks to my poor communication, they were already seated with their food by the time we got in line to order. They were practically done by the time we sat down with our food. However, I was still excited to show Jason this place since I loved it when I came awhile back with my friends. I’m so glad he loved it too, even though we had to scarf it down in order to make it to the movie. We saw Furious 7. It actually ended up being a decent movie, thanks to the tribute to Paul Walker. May he rest in peace.

This year, Easter fell over General Conference Weekend. On Saturday, we had dinner with my family. We ate pizza on the floor, as well as symbolic Passover foods. The boys watched Priesthood and then my mom did a little Easter devotional. Then we had an egg hunt for Charlie, we colored eggs, did a classic egg roll race, had ice cream, and then watched the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Phew! My family sure knows how to pack it in! It was a fun night! On Easter morning, we had omelets and pull-aparts for breakfast. We watched the first Sunday session of Conference, had strawberry and cream, and then we headed to the Grubers for the second session. There we had Easter dinner and celebrated April’s birthday. Boom, boom, boom...and that is how it is done!

some Easter decor

trying new Easter egg coloring techniques

Saturday morning Easter basket

The many faces of Colson:

A gift from Grandma

George's artistic (and inappropriate?) display

One of the “welcome home” gifts I gave Kim was a shopping date. I had a great time going to different stores with Kim, updating her “no longer a missionary” wardrobe. We had a good time, but we definitely exhausted ourselves.

I played soccer for a second time with the local group that plays at the Stake Center. This time, Charlie was the issue. He kept crying about other kids wanting to use his crayons. Geez, if it isn’t one kid, it’s the other, right? Overall, I am still terrible, but I feel like I did better with knowing where to go and keeping my energy level up. I hope to be able to continue to play, and as a result get better at soccer.

My life has been changed! I got a Vasa membership. Yes, I wanted to work out and get in shape, but what I was most excited about was their child care. I get 90 minutes every day (excluding Sundays) to myself!! And it is only $5 a month! (They have since corrected my membership, as it is $10 a month for both of my kids...still worth it) That is a steal! I will be working out every day...just for the sake of that break from the kids! Ah, I am in heaven. And there is a Vasa just two minutes away. Fabulous! (There is a cost of using the child care, however: I feel like every other week we are getting sick. I will go to the gym one week, and then the next week we will have to stay home because we are sick. Off, on, off, on. Ah, if only Charlie could keep his fingers out of his mouth!)

So I may or may not have mentioned this previously, but Jason and his business partner, John, were making preparations to open a shaved ice shack this summer. They had been making plans and searching for locations since January, thinking that would give them plenty of time. It came down to two locations, one in Cedar Hills and one in Payson. It was getting down to the wire (as you can open as early as May). The first pick ended up selling to another buyer after leading them on for a week. That left their back-up plan location in Payson. But, come to find out there is a shack that is open each year just right across the street! Thank goodness we found out before setting up shop. With this second hit, all excitement was deflated. There was just no time to find another spot (as location is the number one ingredient to success when it comes to shaved ice) and build a shack before opening week. It was such a let down, and quite depressing to be honest. All this talk, research, testing, hoping...for nothing. Looking back on it now, it is a blessing it didn’t work out for two reasons: the opening month of May had horrible weather! It rained like crazy. The second reason is Jason and John have just been so, so busy with their Everlast Surrounds and Glass business. Physically, I think it would have been impossible to have done both. They have just been swamped. We miss the days of just coming home each night and watching Game of Thrones (edited, of course). Right now, it seems unreal that we had the time to do that. Where did those days go? Summers are busy!

We have sure loved "testing" the shaved ice machine, though!
It is an amazing shaver! Best shaved ice we have had!

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