Sunday, June 28, 2015

Colson’s Fifth Month

(March 6 - April 5)

Low and behold, at this point in Colson’s life I was still working on training him with a bottle. I was pumping nightly and trying to feed him a bottle several times a week. Towards the end of the fifth month, I realized I had the best luck while letting him watch TV. I would hold him in a slightly upright position facing the TV and it seemed like the distraction worked. After a few days of this strategy, I was finally able to get him to consistently take the bottle easily, with our without the TV. It only took over a month of nearly daily attempts, but we made it!

Colson likes to grab at and chew at his dangling toys on his playmat.

He is SO entertained by Charlie. While having two kids is definitely harder than one, it has been so nice to have Charlie to entertain Colson….even if Charlie has no idea or is oblivious that Colson is even there. That is one positive side to having two kids.

Colson is getting so close to rolling over.

A skin update: He seems to have these small blackheads here and there on his cheeks and on his chin, but there is not really any acne. He does have sensitive and dry patches on his cheeks though. I bet it is eczema.

Colson finally moved into the real crib. We transitioned Charlie out of the crib and into a big boy bed, which freed it up for Colson to sleep in. No more Pack N Play in the room, hurray!

The morning after St. Patrick’s Day (March 18), Colson woke up at 3am with the sure sound of croup. It was very scary. He was bark/coughing and was straining to breathe. I ran in there and tried to soothe him. I walked him around for a minute and debated if I should go outside in the cooler air or start a shower, but I decided to try and nurse him first. Once he started nursing, he started to relax and the coughing and straining went away. He fell back asleep rather quickly and slept well for another three hours. After that episode we only had a little bit of wheezing here and there, but no fever. He pretty much seemed fine by the next day.

His daily routine switched up a little bit. I started feeding him every three hours, he took an hour (or so) nap every two to three hours, and went to bed around 8:30pm. He would sleep until four or five, I would nurse him, and then he would go back to sleep until seven or eight.

As you can see, we love sitting him in the Bumbo. He seems to like it, too.

Where did all of your hair go?!

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