Sunday, June 14, 2015

March - Part II

Another weekend and another Idaho trip. Saturday morning I left with my mom, Kim, Camry, and Colson for Kendra’s Baby Shower. I left Charlie home with Jason. Colson did really well on the drive, sleeping for the first hour, watching a movie on the iPad for the second hour, and playing/crying for the last hour. We made it just in time to see Amenae’s senior art project. She did an awesome drawing that was good enough to be in the city art show. After seeing her art there, we went to see the new Cinderella movie. So cute! After the movie, we met up with more cousins for an early dinner of sushi at Ninja’s Lunch Box. Yum! On the way to the shower, we picked up some coconut soup and veggie rolls from my mom’s favorite Thai restaurant in Idaho Falls. My mom wanted us to be able to try and it and to have left overs for Sunday. The baby shower was fun with great food. So fun and so crazy to think of Kendra having a baby. I have always known she would be a great mother!

After the shower, a bunch of the cousins got together at Grandma’s house and played Catch Phrase and hung out.

Sunday morning, we went to church and then headed home. While I was away, Jason and Charlie went to the Grubers to help with yardwork. They also went shoe shopping at the Nike store because Jason was fed up with Charlie’s stinky shoes. Charlie got his first pair of Nike’s. So cute! I just love the image of them shoe shopping together. Apparently, a box of shoes fell on Charlie’s head while they were there and he starting freaking out (understandably). Poor guy!

Charlie was very excited about his shoes....or at least the shoe box...he wouldn't let it out of his hands

The cute sign awaiting my return

The Sunday afternoon that I returned from Idaho, Jason was anxiously awaiting my return. He wasn’t feeling well, so within minutes of returning, he went up for a few hours of sleep and I went straight to baby duty. Jason just felt awful and ended up throwing up that night. By the next morning, he was feeling a little better. He was able to go to work, but he wasn’t to his full strength for a couple of days. And so began our week of sickness. Tuesday morning, Charlie threw up and had lingering diarrhea for five days! It was insane and so terrible! It was straight liquid poop, every single diaper. He had constant blow outs. He even pooped on the carpet twice! Once while trying to remove his diaper during nap/quiet time, and once after his bath before getting dressed and still in his towel. On Thursday night, I got sick and threw up Friday morning. On Saturday, Colson even had some strange and strong smelling poop. I think he even had diahrrea. Man, this one hit us hard. The worst part was definitely Charlie’s diahrrea. He was just miserable with stomach pains and diaper rashes from all of the messy diapers.

Poop on carpet
Oh, and notice the band-aide...Charlie grabbed Jason's razor that was on the bathroom counter. I was sitting on the rocker nursing Colson when I saw Charlie come to the door with it in his hand. I quickly (while trying not to alarm him) rushed over there and took it from his grasp. Somehow he got away with only cutting one finger! But it bled and bled. Oh, that could have been much worse!!!)

The only good thing about a sick boy is he actually sleeps during his "nap time". 

Mid-week, on Wednesday, we miraculously were able to squeeze in a dinner date with Kim. With Kim’s recent return from her mission, we wanted some more personal, one-on-one time with her. It’s amazing we were able to do it...the day after Charlie got sick, and the night before I got sick. My parents watched the boys for us while we took Kim to Cafe Rio. That was one of the restaurants Kim was really looking forward to going to ever since returning. Oh, how she had missed it! We love having Kim home again!

That Saturday was a killer yard work day for us, especially Jason. Our priority was getting the garden ready for planting and fixing broken sprinkler heads and pipes (sadly, there was a lot of repair work that needed to be done). Jason picked up a truck full of soil and rented a rototiller. Jason thought he knew what he was getting into, as he had just done the same for his parents the week before. He was not prepared for the HUGE rocks that lay hidden in our garden area. There were tons and TONS of rocks and the dirt was terribly rough! It was a nightmare. Jason was a trooper though and stuck through it. I could just see the toll that the machine was taking on his body. There is no physical way that I would have been able to do that. I am so thankful to have a strong, hardworking husband.

It was time for the General Women’s Conference again. My mom, Camry, and Kim came to Orem to go to my stake center for the broadcast. Afterwards, we stayed behind for their ice cream social. On the way home, my mom was so sweet to think of Jason, so we picked up some food for him as well.

We started seeing some blossoms and flowers! I love seeing the life of Spring!

Our first tulip emerged...and I had high hopes for many more (Sadly, it proved to be a false hope. My tulips majorly failed this year. I'm still broken- hearted (and confused) about it!)

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