Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Colson’s Twelfth Month

(October 6 - November 5)

At the beginning of Colson’s twelfth month, he could stand up on his own for a few seconds from a sitting position. He couldn’t do it every attempt, but he was getting better and better. That whole month he got closer and closer to walking, and by the time he turned one year old, he could take several steps. He was mixing some walking with crawling. Just as with Charlie, after he turned one and we left on our cruise, Grandma and Grandpa Gruber were the ones to assist in the beginning stages of walking. And just like that, we have a walking boy! A very short and stout walking boy! It is hilarious.

We have learned that Colson is really affected by teething. He has extremely painful teething. This is a new experience for me as I don’t remember Charlie acting out too much when he was teething. When Colson is teething he wants to be held all of the time, this time he had a fever, and he has diarrhea and swollen gums. It is not a happy time for anyone at our house when he is teething. Poor little Colson.

Colson loves animals, especially seeing dogs. He loves to look out our windows in hopes of seeing any of the neighbor dogs. All of the neighbors in our small circle have dogs. When you say sheep, he will say “ba” and when you say dog, he will say “ruf”. It is so cute!

He loves eating pieces of real food over his pureed foods.

Here are some more pictures from Colson's twelfth month:

Colson, we can't believe you are one! We love you!

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