Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Colson’s First Birthday Party

We celebrated Colson’s First Birthday on Sunday, November 1st with our immediate families. Again, I have to say how much fun it has been being able to host things at our own house. For Charlie’s First Birthday we went to Mutual Dell, which was so fun and beautiful, but a lot more work. Having it at our house definitely simplified things.

Here is the invitation I made for the party using my favorite card creating website, Pixingo:



The invitation was so fun to make and fits Colson's personality perfectly. He is definitely our little explorer!

Decorating and preparing for the party:

I love this custom banner that my friend, Kaari Winger, made! She is very talented!

The party was really fun. The guest list included Grandma and Grandpa Gruber, Grandma and Grandpa Arbon, Karl, Max, April, Alex, Mya, Elsa, Greta, Tyson, Camry, Kimberly, Kyle, and Bryan. For dinner I made our favorite (and cook-off award winning) BBQ Chili, as well as a delicious White Bean Chili that I stole from our friend Natalie Johansen. Both were very tasty. Family members brought cornbread, grapes, and Texas Roadhouse style salad.

Next, we opened presents. Colson was definitely spoiled, but I should also say that Charlie was spoiled because whatever presents Colson got, Charlie got to enjoy even more at this point. Charlie was in heaven and Colson didn't seem to mind the help. Sorry, Colson, one day you will be able to have more control of the situation and play with the toys you want to play with.

The loot:

We made a First Year smash cake, just like we did for Charlie’s First Birthday. Colson enjoyed it, but wasn’t quite as into it as Charlie was when he turned one. That probably has to do with the fact that Colson has already had his fair share of sugar items at this point in his life, where Charlie hadn’t really had anything sugar until his birthday cake. I guess we have gotten a little lax as parents. Colson’s first move was priceless, as he dove his mouth into the upper corner of the cake. That was hilarious. After that, he just gently swiped at the side of the frosting and at some of the sprinkles on the top. He didn’t really eat a whole lot of it. After a little while, however, he realized he could smash his hands into the cake and fling it around. He definitely enjoyed that part. It was a yellow cake with vanilla pudding filling.

We had a big, red candle on top, but it looks like it didn't make it into any of the pictures.

We loved celebrating Colson! We still can't believe he is one!
We love you, Colson! 

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