Tuesday, February 16, 2016

November 2015 - Thanksgiving

We had a long overdue date night with our friends Mike and Kate Pacada when we got back from our cruise. We ate at Five Guys Burgers then went to see the new concluding movie of the Mockingjay Part 2. That has been a really fun series of books and movies for us. After that we headed back to our place for more visiting and catching up.

Other than that, the rest of our November was spent celebrating Thanksgiving with family. It was the Gruber’s year this year. Amy and Alli’s families arrived the weekend before Thanksgiving, so we had lots of time with family. It was great! We got together for Sunday dinner and Monday dinner. On Tuesday, those who were not working had a great time at the Curiosity Museum. On Wednesday we came for dinner and then Jason and I stayed late to play games; we put the boys down to bed in one of the rooms and then took them home once we were done playing games. That worked so well, we were in shock.

Greta, Alex, Charlie, Oliver, Duke, Harlan, Colson, Capri, Clara, Penelope, Mya, Elsa

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day. Nancy had reserved the kitchen and gym at the church. We spent the afternoon playing in the gym and then we had our feast, and then continued our playing some more. In keeping with tradition, we had our talent show there as well. The food was amazing and the entertainment was spot on. Everyone brought a game or activity to share. We napped the babies at the church and I was stocked that Colson slept right during the Thanksgiving feast! Perfect! The White, Hymas, and Hadley families also joined us this year. We had lots to be thankful for.

On Friday, we hung out with the family all day and stayed late again, putting the boys to bed there and taking them home late at night. On Saturday, we played in the snow, had a fun McDonalds outing to eat and so the kids could play in the play place, had dinner at the Grubers, and then once again we stayed later and played games. This is only substantial because playing games is something Jason and I really love to do (as you all know by now). To be able to do that (once kids are in bed) is huge and something we really look forward to.

By Sunday it was time for the visiting families to head home. It was sad to see them go, but at the same time we had such a fabulous week. Duke was so cute to Colson all week; he kept squeezing his cheeks and saying how cute of a baby he was. Capri also loved holding Colson. He got a lot of attention. It was adorable. Clara loved telling Jason and I about the latest with Penelope, like when she was sad or her progress with walking. She couldn’t wait to set up plans to help her learn how to walk. She was also dead set on having Penelope and Colson race. Colson was already walking around, but there were definitely consequences. He had a moment when he fell and banged his forehead on the infamous brick step in the family room. Everyone rushed to him and helped comfort and ice him. Charlie had his down days too. He threw up one morning and was not quite himself for two days. Besides that, however, Charlie loved all of the action. He was kind of in his own world playing things, soaking in the cousins, and loving being at Grandma and Grandpa’s. During the week we had a few other sick people; Oliver got it, Penelope got it, and Nancy and Alli got illnesses the day after. Not too fun.

It is crazy how much older Alex and Harlan are getting. They loved going off and doing their own thing and playing their own games. They also loved joining in on any adult games that they could. Harlan proved to be very competitive and really good at sports. It is so fun getting to know their personalities more and more as they grow older.

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