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October 2015 - Family Time and Halloween

We had a last minute get together with the Riverton Grubers. It was a Friday evening and we headed to Highland Glen Park. Jason had taken us there one time and we loved it. Max hadn’t been there since high school. They have really improved the park and it is a fun place to visit. April and the kids also really liked it. It was unfortunate that we went there so late in the year, otherwise we would have liked to visit again that month. I guess we will have to wait until the spring. We all picked up subs and ate them at a picnic table, then we walked around the park as it quickly got dark.

We had another game night with some of our PG friends: Gibbs and Bairds. We had dinner at Kohrinoors (Indian food) and then headed to the Bairds for games. We played Utter Nonsense (the Gibbs censored was a hoot) and Cover Your Assets (our contribution).

Grandma Gruber turned 95! We celebrated with a big party at her house and several family members came into town, including Alli. Alli brought with her some huge news that she was leaving Rick. This came as a complete shock, but come to find out that he is a complete narcissist. Poor Alli had been dealing with that for the past year and we had no idea. We are so glad that she and the kids were able to get out and are happier now for it. George and Nancy traveled back to California with Alli that next week and helped her move all of her stuff out. So grateful for families! My heart breaks for Alli. She is one of the strongest and most thoughtful people that I know. I look up to her so much and love her with all of my heart!

an adorable early birthday present for Colson from Alli, Capri, and Duke:

We checked out the pumpkin walk at the Riverwoods. We misunderstood the idea of it so we were slightly disappointed that none of the pumpkins were carved and that we hadn’t dressed up, but we still had a pretty good time and ate some good churros.

Halloween finally came! It was especially fun this year as we were excited about our costumes and Charlie understood a little bit more about dressing up and Trick or Treating. I started off the day with a breakfast with some of my girlfriends. I met up with Stacee, Kylie, and Kara from PG at Magleby’s to celebrate Stacee’s soon to be born baby girl. Next on the list was a visit to Grandma and Grandpa Arbon to show them our costumes. Thanks to Jason’s brilliant idea, we were Star Wars characters to pay our respects to the new upcoming movie. We were Han Solo, Princess Leia, Yoda, and an ewok. It was hilarious! I found an old pageant dress that my mom had used in college and it was perfect! I don’t think I could have found a better dress if I had been searching to buy one. Next we headed to our friend’s house, the Coburns, for a soup and breadstick party. On our way home, Grandma and Grandpa Gruber came for a short visit. they had just barely flown in that afternoon from helping Alli move in California, bless their hearts. We hit up a few houses for Trick or Treating while Grandma and Grandpa manned the candy at our house. Charlie was stoked about all of the candy he collected and even organized it the next day. Fun memories!

Other fun Halloween pics:

Jason won KSL's Snapshot of the Week! We were stoked. He won for this picture from his fishing trip to Canada. His prize was a new Camp Chef Backpacking Stove. Here is the winning picture:

Click HERE for the link

And here was his prize:

Here are some other pictures from the month:

Meeting Desi's new baby, Kingston Messam

An unbelievable stop at the Curiosity Museum. I have never seen it so empty!

One last look at the flowers before planting pansies and tulips for Spring:

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