Wednesday, January 27, 2016

October 2015 - General Conference Weekend and Time with Friends

In October, we were back at The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. This time we were with Nancy, April, Elsa, and Greta. The kids had a great time running around, and I especially loved seeing Charlie becoming more familiar with the place, knowing where to go and leading the way. It was really cute. The little girls enjoyed being models in our pictures and really “worked it”. It was hilarious!

We had another fun outing with the Gruber cousins. We went to Gardner Village to see all of the fun Halloween witches. We even got to see a baby alpaca! It was a great time!

Jason and I had a date night. We put the kids to bed and then had Emma, a young woman in the neighborhood, come babysit. We went and saw The Martian. It was a great movie. Jason had recently finished the book, so he especially enjoyed it.

October means General Conference. Hooray! That weekend we listened to the Saturday sessions from home, and then headed to Draper for Priesthood Session. Just before Priesthood Session we had enough time to go to a pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins. Then we picked up some Cafe Rio for the boys to eat while watching Priesthood from home and the girls, Charlie, and Colson went to HuHot for dinner (a Mongolian buffet that is pretty good and one of Bryan’s favorites). After Priesthood, we had some treats and watched Star Wars V. On Sunday, we celebrated my dad’s birthday. We watched Conference, played Settlers of Catan, watched the afternoon session of Conference, had dinner, went for a walk, opened presents, ate cake, and then once my other siblings left we played Cover Your Assets. It was a very fun and uplifting weekend!

I had a Girls Night with a couple of my high school friends, Kerstin and Alisha. We went and saw The Intern. I actually loved that movie and thought it was so cute. It is always so fun getting together with those girls. Always lots to catch up on.

Now that's how you do movie candy! Thanks Kerstin!

The boys and I got together with our PG friends and had a play date and Halloween craft. Very fun!

The Relief Society was in charge of the Ward Harvest Festival, so we were busy with that. We had a good time square dancing and eating good food.

On a very personal level, I started my first menstrual cycle since being pregnant with Colson. I only mention that because it was very hard on my body. I was sick for several days and could hardly eat anything. One day in particular I got insane cramps like I have never gotten before. It was such a blessing that Jason came home early that day from work; it was right in the knick of time. I was writhing in pain, so he gave me a blessing and I was finally able to relax, rest, and feel better. It was an insane experience, but I truly felt the love of the Lord as he was aware of me and brought me peace, comfort, and healing.

Here are some pictures from a family drive up the canyon:

Our canvas wrap from China finally arrived. Jason got right to work building a frame and wrapping it. I love how it turned out!

Here are some more home updates before all of the Halloween decor went up:

Check out this giant pumpkin from our garden!:

And here are some more Halloween decorations:

I LOVED using our corn stalks this year!

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