Sunday, January 31, 2016

Colson’s Eleventh Month

(September 6 - October 5)

Colson is standing and walking along the couch a lot more. He is really on the move! He can climb up the small indoor slide that we have from the ladder side and up the slide part. He loves trying to climb everything. He can climb out of his high chair or other seats with straps. He can pretty much weasel his way out of anything if he wants to. He will wiggle out of the grocery cart straps and then stand in the seat. He will cry if I make him sit down and will fight it. I resort to letting him stand facing backwards and holding onto his pants. He can turn around and slide down on his stomach when going down the stairs. Overall, he is very daring and it is fun/stressful to see.

I have been trying to push his sleeping in the morning to 7:00 am. Sometimes it happens, but it is not consistent.

He constantly wants to eat anything! He loves those little puff things. That could be due to teething, as another top tooth cut through.

Colson can wave and say “hi” and “bye”, well it sounds more like “ha” and “ba”. He can repeat “wow” and can clap. He can push a toy car and make a buzzing sound for the engine. We are seeing more personality and noises/squeals. He will look at me and smile when I say “no”. He will turn when he hears his name.

He loves to point at things and he loves to interact with others. He is starting to get separation anxiety. It is plain to see when I leave him at the daycare at the gym. Charlie and Colson both really enjoy it, but Colson never wants to let me leave. Luckily the head girl there is like his substitute mom. She really loves Colson and gives him special attention. He follows her around like her little chick.

Here are some more pictures of Colson from his eleventh month:

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