Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Colson's Nineteenth Month

(May 6 - June 5)

Colson started nursery! And it was legitimately on Mother’s Day that he became old enough. It was awesome and he did great. Dad dropped him off to prevent any potential separation problems. They said that he ate his snack and he sat in his chair during the whole lesson. Brimming with pride right here. There are only two boys and three girls in the nursery. He is the only “baby”. There is a big difference in age. The others are already verging on three.

He is such a cute and funny kid. He will make faces and try to imitate what you do with your face. He will also try and imitate other actions, like nail filing or gardening.

Colson will say “mess” when he is getting down from his high chair and he sees crumbs on the floor that he has thrown. He loves sitting on the kitchen counter and playing with whatever is up there. He especially loves putting things in the Blendtech, like lemons. He and Charlie also love drinking from squirt bottles.

At his 18 month doctor appointment they said it was time to ditch the bedtime bottle. I always hold on to what seems to work for as long as I can, but it was definitely passed time. To clarify, he was not put to bed with a bottle, he would just drink from a bottle to soothe to sleep and then I would put him in the crib without the bottle. So with this new goal we went cold turkey. No more bottles. Miraculously, he did pretty well. We went strictly to sippy cups. The new bedtime and naptime routine became giving him a blanket and reading him a story.  He likes to hold on to the book in the crib when I put him down. I found that I have to be careful with what book I give him because he has been known to destroy the books during his nap. With this new routine, he will sometimes cry for ten minutes, but then he always calms down.

Here are his measurements from his 18 month appointment:
Weight: 21 lbs 12.5 oz - 16%
Length: 31.5 inches - 16%
Head: 48 cm - 66%

Here are some more pictures from the month:

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