Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Father’s Day & Charlie’s Birthday

This year Charlie’s birthday fell right on Father’s Day. Is doesn’t get better than celebrating two of my favorite boys in one day! You can make that four with my dad and father-in-law! I made cinnamon rolls, eggs, and bacon for breakfast, and then we gave Charlie a new bike and helmet. He had fun riding around.

After church and Colson’s nap, we headed to Alpine to celebrate Charlie, Karl, and Father’s Day. Plans changed, however, as we were on our way, I found out that my Grandpa Arbon had just passed away. I dropped off Jason and the boys at Grubers for the party and then met up with my family to see Grandpa before they took him body away. It was very sad and touching, but precious to be with my family.

After spending a little time there, I headed back to Grubers in time to see the presents being opened.

That Saturday we celebrated Charlie’s birthday with the Arbons. As I mentioned in a previous post, it was the day after the funeral for my grandpa. We had a really fun, full day. Jason and I picked up donuts on our way to share with the family, and then thanks to my mom we played pin the tie on the missionary, jumped on the tramp, tossed water balloons, played on the swings, and played Spikeball. Charlie and everyone else had a blast. My cousins, the Phillips, showed up since they were in town, and we all got to hang out together. Some of them went to the new Independence Day movie while others stayed back with the kids. When they got back, we had a BBQ dinner with hamburgers.

We took full advantage of the day and put the boys down to bed there then played more Spikeball and roasted s’mores on my parents new fire pit. We stayed until 11:00 pm before grabbing the boys out of bed and driving home. And who could forget the event of the night: my mom backing into the basketball hoop and knocking it down. A neglected monument bites the dust. It was probably about time anyways.

To say the least, we had a very eventful week. I love the boys in my life!

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