Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Round of June Birthdays

Just as it is every year, June is the month of birthdays! To give you an idea, here is the list of birthdays, just within our immediate families:

3 -   Kimberly
5 -   Alese (my mom)
18 - Karl
25 - Allison
29 - Amy

Why not knock out all of these birthdays with one post?!? I think it's a great idea!

Kimberly's Birthday:

Family dinner at Texas Roadhouse,
Assembled her new Beach Cruiser,
And, of course, birthday cake

Mom's Birthday:

Afternoon at Lifetime Fitness 
(including swimming, rock climbing, basketball, you name it. My family recently got a membership there...don't ask me why they waited until after I was married to get it. Bitter? Yes.)
Rumbi's Dinner at the park
(Rolling-down-the-hill contest included)

Allison's Birthday:

BBQ at the Grubers with family and friends
Homemade ice cream
More "Creek Time"

Funny/sad story concerning the big bouncy ball in this picture and the boy on Jason's shoulders in the following picture. Jason, Max, and I were taking turns kicking the ball to each other. Since it is a light ball, it takes some good power to get it anywhere far. On top of that, there was a slight breeze. Basically, it was my turn to kick, and we were trying to kick it as far as we could. With all of the strength I could, I kicked the ball, it curved with the wind, and pelted Zion right in the head (a few yards away from me). He instantly dropped, then ran crying to his mom. I felt so SO bad...but couldn't help but laugh so SO hard!
I've learned my lesson and will not be kicking any balls with ANY kids around!
Sorry, Zion!

Unfortunately, there is no representation for Karl, Robby, or Amy's birthdays. Karl was taken to Disneyland, and Robby and Amy live in Colorado.
Hope you guys enjoyed your birthdays! And we'll be at it again next year!

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