Sunday, August 1, 2010

Girl's Week 2010 - Part I

It was finally that time again for our annual Gruber Girl's Week! This year, it was Alli's turn. Nancy, April, and I left for Los Angeles Thursday morning on May 27th. Sean was at the airport to pick us up and take us to Studio City, where Amy was already there from Colorado. While Alli was still away finishing her day at work, we girls decided to take a walk down the street to a fun shopping area.We had a blast trying on hats, looking at clothes, and visiting classic toy stores.

Getting off the plane

Trying on hats...

...before being asked not to take pictures in the store...

Once Alli got home, we were off to dinner at a cute Indian restaurant. The food was great and the service was wonderful. This is where Alli whipped out the itinerary for the weekend and surprised us with what it had in store. Rather than spending the weekend in L.A. like we assumed, Alli had made arrangements for us to stay at the Cordays's beach house in Oxnard!! (The Cordays are the family that Alli nannies for...very VERY wealthy!) I was completely shocked, given I had no idea they even had a beach house. To say the least, we were all thrilled! 

After going over the itinerary and eating our dinner, we made our way over to Yogurt Land. If you are any kind of frozen yogurt fan, you would love this place! So good!

Eating some Indian cuisine...
I couldn't remember the name of the restaurant, but based on the menus in this picture, 
it looks like it was called Bollywood Cafe

Yogurt Land!

The rest of the night was spent chatting in anticipation for the days to come and preparing for bed, which involved a lot of air mattresses in small places:


8:00 - Breakfast
9:00 - Photobooth pictures
9:30 - Leave for L.A.Temple (Initiatories)
Lunch - Jack in the Box
Drive to the Beach House
Dinner - Hot Dogs on fire pit
Relax and bed

Thanks to Sean's HD Photobooth business, we enjoyed our own Photobooth photo shoot:

The filter that he uses makes your skin look AMAZING!

Nancy, April, Alli, me, Amy

And the award winners are:






Other funny Honorable Mentions:

Too many to choose from.

Los Angeles Temple

Stocking up on fruit for the beach house

Once we finally made it to the beach house, I was just in awe at how big and beautiful the place was. It had four levels to it and it was literally right on the beach. You walk off the back porch, onto the sand, and onto the beach! To give you an idea of how awesome this place was, take a look at this kitchen area:

The patio facing the beach, April and I didn't waste any time...

Due to the heavy winds in Oxnard, however, the sand had been blown into a huge mound right outside our door...creating a kind of cliff of sand. So it kind of took away from the view from our sliding door, but provided a wind barrier and, later, entertainment. 

Here's a look at the crazy sand mound:

Cookin' the hot dogs

Always room for S'mores!

A perfect way to end a perfect day

Girl's Week 2010 to be continued...


  1. That is so awesome that Jason's family does this every year! It seems like a really fun tradition and I should start it with my family. You are lucky to have married in to such an awesome family!

  2. That looks like so much fun! That is a really neat tradition!!!

  3. Oh and P.S I just went back and clicked on last years annual girls week link, and I dunno how I never saw/read about it back then, but last years event sounds like a lot of fun too! I love Desert Star.