Saturday, August 7, 2010

Girl's Week 2010 - Part III

Pack up (clean up)
Drive back to Studio City
Lunch - Chinese City Wok
Trader Joes
Forest Lawn Cemetery (visit Grandma Banks' grave)
Tour of Studio City (Menchies Frozen Yogurt)
Drop off Amy at Airport
Tour of Hollywood
Drop off Nancy, April, and Emily at Airport

As you can see, we didn't slow down at all when Monday came around. It was so hard to pack up to leave the beach house! We wanted nothing more than to be able to stay the whole week there...but life always comes a calling.

Once we made it back to Studio City, the plan was to have lunch at Portos...but being a holiday, it was closed. We ended up eating at Chinese City Wok, and that was some great eatin'. We also stopped at a little Thai restaurant to enjoy a fantastic dessert of Mango Coconut Rice.

Afterward we ran over to Trader Joes to pick up flowers for Grandma Banks' grave and to also pick up snacks to take back to our families. I brought back a nice container of cocoa-covered almonds for Jason and I...they were gone within a week!

Visiting Grandma's grave:

It was so special being able to visit her grave, since she just recently passed in February. It brought back sweet memories of the funeral and the wonderful life that she lived.

Since Amy's flight was early, we dropped her off at the airport first. It was sad to really see the weekend finally ending.

My first experience of Hollywood, the Kodak Theater, Grauman's Chinese Theater, and Sephora:

I am thrilled to announce that a Sephora will be opening up at the Provo Town Center Mall!

The time finally came for Nancy, April, and I to take our turn heading to the airport. It was hard to say goodbye since we had such an awesome weekend! Thank you Alli for all the work you put into it to make it so wonderful! I am so blessed to have so many amazing "sisters"! Love you guys!

In memory of the weekend, here is a list of the 
Top 40 (or so) Memorable Moments:

1. Airport Lesson #1 = Never Accept Friendly Rides on Cart
2. Studio City's Shrine of Air Beds
3. Photo Shoot of Hair-Eating Amateur Models
4. Weekend of International Dining
5. Frozen Yogurt Weigh-In Contest
6. Beautiful LA Temple Experience
7. Oxnard Beach House = No Service Zone
8. Nancy Takes on the Sand Hill
9. Frisbee Winds of Destruction
10. Beach Tarred Shoes
11. Speed Walking Race on the Beach
12. The Making of Hair Clip Experts
13. Nancy's Pink Preference
14. Emily's Four Day Back-up
15. Never-Ending Beatles's Playlist
16. The Best Sacrament Musical Number in History
17. Record Breaking Use of Aisle in One Sacrament Meeting
18. The Fresh-LESS Fresh-Squeezed Glass of Lemonade
19. Creepy Wood-Offering Neighbor
20. The REAL Toasty Firepit
21. Car Drives of Simultaneous Telecommunications
22. Fries, Fries, and more FRIES
23. Eye Drops = The New Torturing Mechanism
24. Alli Battles the Spray of Fallen Diet Coke
25. Jumping the Dune in Style
26. Large Parrot Man
27. Unleashed Dog Beach of Filth
28. The Anti-Pet Alliance
29. Pink Face Mask from the Burn Unit
30. Double Dolphin Sighting
31. Scary Ghost (I mean Cat) Stories
32. Tour of the Gruber/Banks Heritage
33. Alli's Unsuspecting Switch-Blade
34. Amy's Secret French-Braid Fingers
35. Shady Alcohol Thief at Ghetto Market
36. Parade of (Celebrity) Homes
37. Revisiting Patsy's Grave at Forest Lawn
38. Pile of Games Gone Unplayed
39. April Meets Red Pepper of Fire
40. "Hey There Pretty Lady," says the Dirty Spiderman
41. Extreme Makeover - Eyeshadow Edition
42. Emily Goes "Evil" with her Devil Look (thanks to the bottom of two forks)
43. Blessed Gift of Anti-Sandy Floor Slippers 
44. April Directs our LA T-shirt Photo Shoot
45. Emily Finds Relief    
46. How Many Women and Matches Does it Take to Start a Fire?

For next year's Girl's Week, there's been talk of switching things up a bit. 
Perhaps a Vegas trip?? 
Bring it on!

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