Monday, August 2, 2010

Girl's Week 2010 - Part II

Sleep in
Breakfast - Cinnamon rolls and eggs
Beach Walk
Surprise Craft
Beach Time
Dinner - Chilies
Dessert - Strawberry Shortcake

After a yummy breakfast, we took a nice morning walk down the beach. Nothing like getting your exercise with the sand between your toes. We enjoyed sailboat watching, starfish gazing, brisk-walk racing, and tar-on-your-shoes/feet collecting before heading back to the beach house. Alli, then, treated us with an adorable gift: slippers to wear around the house and body lotion.

Next on the list was the surprise craft. Alli had the cute idea of making hair clips, so she had brought a whole box of hot glue guns, ribbon, buttons... you name it she had it. We had a blast getting creative and making cute clips, not only for their daughters, but for us too! I've never really been one to wear hair clips, but we couldn't help ourselves from making "one more clip". It really became addicting; we spent hours gluing ribbon and drinking yummy margaritas.

Sporting our newly-made clips

My first clip!

We took a break from hair clips and continued the party outside for some fun beach time. We enjoyed a very WINDY game of frisbee (wind + our lack of aiming skills = not a very good combination). Good skills or not, we still had a great time passing the frisbee and chasing after it into the bird nesting zone. 

After cleaning up, we went to Chilies for dinner and enjoyed some fun shopping. Yet another eventful day!

8:45 - Leave for Church
Lunch - Hendry's
Drive to Santa Barbara
Visit Graves
Arrive back at Beach House
Dinner - Order Pizza
Surprise Activity (Facials)
Dessert - Strawberry Shortcake

After attending Sacrament Meeting at a local ward, we headed for Santa Barbara. First stop, Hendry's for lunch (significance - a restaurant Nancy visited many times throughout her life):

 Waiting to be seated

With it being Memorial Day weekend, it was a perfect opportunity to see and learn about some of the Gruber family history. We got to see a lot of the old houses and significant buildings, as well as graves of beloved family members.

After a very pleasant afternoon, we headed back to Oxnard for the next activity of the day. Earlier that weekend, Alli had given us our "official" Los Angeles shirts....which, of course, is another great photo-opp:

...which, of course, leads to more "Award Winning" pictures...
(you would be crazy not to take advantage of that awesome sand cliff!)






After we finally got our sand-jumping out of our systems, we settled down for a nice delivered pizza and salad:

We ended the night with some relaxing and cleansing facials:

Oh, the things women do for "beauty"...

Still to come...Monday, the day that ended Girl's Week 2010

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