Thursday, February 16, 2012

August "in a" Rush

With all of the summer birthdays done in a previous post, there are only a couple more things to add to the month of August.

Alpine Days is always a treat. I'm a sucker for those kinds of things. I love getting lunch from the little booths in the park and watching the fireworks at night. This year, Jason and I took our sweet beach cruisers to the parade and showed them off with the other cool rides.

As mentioned before, our stay at the Tadje's house was short lived. Mid-August brought another round of moving...seems to be our favorite thing to do (as you can see in the expression on Jason's face):

It always seems to be raining when we move...

Staying with the Grubers was, of course, a blast and such a blessing! Love those guys to death! The free rent wasn't bad either. A planned one to two week stay turned into about five months. Oh how the time flies.

Jason is alway great at offering help around the house. Here are some snapshots of some of their many projects:

Check out the awesome sunflowers they had in their front yard!

With these sunflowers and herds of deer in the backyard, nature just doesn't get much prettier than Alpine, Utah.

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