Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Banks Family Reunion - Part III

Wednesday August 3
    Mad River White Water River Rafting
    James Arrives
    Family Picture
    Bar J Chuck Wagon

Bus ride to the river 

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous for the rafting (excited...but nervous). The water was a lot higher than it had been in previous years and I had heard of all these stories where people drowned! But all went well and I'm so glad I went. It was freezing! But so fun!

I wish we had the video footage from the photographer. There was a raft right in front of us filled with little kids that was captured in the video. They were going through the most dangerous spot and half of their raft was bounced out. The river guide rushed to the side of the raft, and within seconds he had everyone back into the raft by grabbing them by their life jackets and chucking them inside! It looked like he was chucking a wet cat, all limbs stretched out with massive air, into the raft! It was great!

Back safe and sound at the resort:

The Banks Clan

Grandpa Banks and the great-grandchildren

Now, before I show these next photos, before leaving for the reunion, Jason and I thought it would be fun to find/gather some cowboy garb to wear to surprise everyone for the Chuck Wagon dinner. We got ourselves some cowboy boots and belts from DI and borrowed some cowboy hats. After the family photo shoot, we quickly changed and made our grand appearance. The response was better than we could have hoped. Everyone loved it and thought it was hilarious. We even got our own photo shoot:

Apparently, I'm not an experienced model...couldn't keep a straight "sexy" face!

Arriving at the Bar J Chuckwagon

Enjoying the grounds before the dinner show

First off, I have to say the dinner/show was enjoyable. I'm so glad we went...so many fun memories! But I also have to say it wasn't quite what any of us expected. The food was not up to standards (considering the price) and the pre-dinner show was way too long! They spent like an hour talking about the food we were about to eat and why we were eating it...all the while we were starving and impatient! The show itself was unnecessarily long too, but they are definitely talented! It takes a special individual to be a repeating guest.

At first we were disappointed to have to sit at the tables in the very back, but it ended up being a blessing. We were able to sit up on top of the table and have a much better view, better back support, and easy access to get up and walk/dance around!

Waiting for the food speech to end

Heading back to the resort after a long night!

Thursday August 4
    Spencer Leaves
    Fishing Boats on Jackson Lake
    Lunch at Trappers Grill at Signal Mountain Lodge
    Swimming Time
    Family Photos

The boys encountered some wildlife on their way to early fishing on the Lake:

The gorgeous Jackson Lake and view of the Tetons (photos courtesy of Sean Spencer):

Sadly, there was near to no fish in the lake for them to catch. While the others took their turns riding the boats, the boys took their fishing adventures elsewhere.

Such a picture perfect lake!

The boys having much more luck:

Lunch time!

Enjoying the view from the beautiful lodge:

Back at the resort:

Brothers being brothers...

Another photo opp:

It is amazing to look back and see how much we did each day! And there is still more to come!

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  1. I love these updates! What a fun trip! PS- you are the CUTEST prego ever!!!! I love that picture on the right :)