Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fishing Shrine

Have you ever heard of speed blogging? Yes, that is what I'm attempting to do....

As I've mentioned before, Jason has a love and obsession for fishing. He really is a fantastic fisherman! Often times, he goes solo.  Every once and awhile I will give in and come along. I always enjoy the first 15, maybe 30 minutes...but then I get over it pretty quick. Jason wants to stay for hours, and that's where the anxious Emily comes out. But hey, at least I give it a shot sometimes. Here is proof:

Yes, the fish is pathetically small! But I'm still proud. In my defense, the angle that the fish is at is not doing it justice either!

Jason is great at taking care of the dirty, gross parts. I never have to touch a slimy thing!

Here are some more photos of his fishing adventures:

This is his buddy, Parker. They have been friends since high school. They are hilarious when it comes to fishing! Anytime either of them goes fishing, they call each other to tell them how it was and the size of fish they caught...typical "fish tales". I swear it is the same story every time..."it was the biggest fish I've ever seen in that area..." but, they absolutely love it. Anytime I see Parker calling on Jason's phone, I know what it is going to be about and I know I have a good 15-30 minutes to myself as Jason jabs on. Good times!

Here is a fishing trip Jason had with his dad and brother:



A very successful day of fishing!

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