Monday, February 13, 2012

Banks Family Reunion - Part II

Monday August 1
    Early Morning Fishing
    Breakfast/Lunch at e.leaven Food Company
    Elk Refuge
    Fish Hatchery
    Dinner at Pavilion
    Town Square Shoot Out
    Time on the Town

The boys heading for some serious fishing

Beautiful scenery for the fishermen!

While the boys (minus Karl and Oliver) were out fishing, we headed for a delicious Brunch

Afterwards, we met up with the fishermen at the Elk Refuge.
The kids loved playing on the indoor rocks there:

Next stop, the Fish Hatchery. However, not much was going on there...not much to see and it smelled awful! But, we did take advantage of the nearby pond and the beautiful landscape.

Cooking up some fish caught that morning

The famous Shoot Out:

Not going to was rather disappointing...I remember it being so much better!

We were thrilled that the weather started clearing up. We got our first glimpses of the beautiful Teton Mountains:

(better shots of the Tetons to come)

An intense game of family Nertz!

There was a fun Cowboy Bar that many of us went to a couple of the nights. It included dancing, drinks (lemonade for us), and pool. Such a fun evening get-away.

Yeah, we're cool...

Tuesday August 2
    Scenic Float Trip (for those not doing White Water Rafting)
    Lunch at Merry Piglets Mexican Cafe
    Free Time
    Dinner at the Pavilion

The Scenic Float Riders

Lunch with a beautiful view of the Tetons..and wildlife...

While a group of them went on the Scenic Float, back at the cabins, the rest of us enjoyed time at the swimming pool, lounging around, and eating at Merry Piglets (which was a huge favorite! It is a Mexican restaurant that we ended up going to a couple good)!

When the group returned, a handful of us enjoyed a nice hike up the Snow King Mountain:

More fun at the Pavilion and at the park:

One thing is for sure, Jackson Hole is a gorgeous place!

To be continued....

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