Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Day for Grandpa's!

About a month ago, I was able to visit both of my Grandpa’s on the same day. I probably don’t visit or see my grandparents as often as I it was a great opportunity to see them both on the same day.

I wish seeing my Grandpa Rich was under better circumstances, however. He was staying in the VA Hospital after just finding out that he has several cancerous tumors throughout his body. This came as particularly hard news, as my Grandma Rich just underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and is currently going through chemo treatments. Talk about hard times! I know it has also been especially hard on my mom, as she is watching her parents go through such drastic changes and experiencing such pain. While my grandma and grandpa took their turns coming to Utah for medical attention, my mom was there every minute she could. She would stay many hours of the day, and would sleep on a couch in the hospital room almost every night. For Grandpa Rich, we are still unsure what the plan of action will be. Recovering from another surgery may be too taxing on his body and may not provide any positive results. We will see in the near future what the decision is going to be.

I’m glad Jason and I were able to take that opportunity to visit Grandpa Rich. Even with such hard news, Grandpa Rich seemed in high spirits and still had fun telling us stories about his youth and talking “fishing” with Jason. He always had such a great sense of humor and I love him for it!

After our visit with Grandpa Rich, we made our way to Taylorsville to Grandma and Grandpa Arbon’s. We had a fun party, celebrating Grandpa Arbon’s 80th birthday! Most of the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandchildren were able to come. It is so fun to see the excitement they have for their first great-grandson to join the family. They are all smiles and are full of great advice.

How lucky am I to have both sets of grandparents still alive?! I don’t think many are as lucky as I am at this age. Love them all!

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