Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

As of May 3rd, I officially turned 25! A quarter of a century! I can’t believe it. Growing up, I always imagined that once I was in my twenties, I would be such an adult...knowing everything! But that is certainly not the case! I definitely still feel like a kid and have so much to learn.

As is true every year, I was really spoiled this birthday. With both families living so close, we get to milk our birthdays. The Sunday before my birthday was spent with the Grubers. We had an amazing dinner, with yummy birthday cake (thanks to Jason), and fun gifts.

I always get lots of help opening my gifts!

The day of my birthday, Jason surprised me with a yummy breakfast of Belgian waffles and two different kinds of Jamba Juice smoothies (Peach Pleasure and Peanut Butter Moo’d)! Yum! He got up really early to decorate the kitchen with birthday streamers and balloons. I had work that day, but thanks to my part-time schedule, it was only four hours. I can’t complain!

Birthday decor!

Cute baby shoes from Jason

After work, Jason surprised me with a very special gift! A new Lazyboy Rocker/Recliner for the nursery! We had been shopping around for awhile for the perfect rocker, and we finally found one that we both loved. It is so comfortable!! I could just sleep in it! I haven’t felt the need to wait for baby to start using it. It makes the perfect reading chair! Love it!

After that fun surprise, we were on to the next....dinner at Cheesecake Factory at the new City Creek Center. Cheesecake Factory is definitely one of our favorite restaurants, and we hadn’t eaten there since our trip to Hawaii. What a perfect birthday!

 Love the Avocado Eggrolls!

 ...And LOVE the Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp!

The following Sunday was spent celebrating with my family. We had a delicious roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and fresh pineapple (among other things)! My favorite! I was spoiled with great baby gifts too: a Bobby and a video monitor! Thank you family!

 Gotta love anything with chocolate frosting!

And the countdown begins until my next birthday....can't wait!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I've got news for ya... you WILL sleep in that rocking chair! Many many many nights:) It's so hard not to fall asleep nursing in the night! I'm so excited for your baby! So soon!