Thursday, June 14, 2012

Showered With Love

I had two very fun and very special baby showers within two days of each other. The first one was a Thursday evening and was hosted by the sweetest girl in my new ward. I was recently called to the Relief Society Birthday Committee with Kylie Provost. She has a six month old baby girl, and she and her husband have lived in the ward for maybe a year and a half. When she was expecting, one of the ward sisters threw her a baby shower, and it really helped her get to know a lot of the sisters in the neighborhood and in the ward. So, Kylie wanted to do the same for me! It was sweet and thoughtful of her. Here she is, barely meeting me, and wanting to go through the trouble and hassle of hosting a baby shower for me! I was so impressed and felt so loved!

I was worried that no one would show up, since I didn’t know hardly any of the ladies in the ward, but to my great surprise, we had such a great turn out. Again, I was impressed by the number of sisters who came to celebrate my baby-to-be and who brought me gifts without even knowing who I was. I definitely learned a lot from that (being someone who has a harder time attending those kinds of baby/bridal showers). I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such great women! The shower was complete with great food, gifts, and a fun craft (we spent the time chatting while cutting out iron-ons for onesies that were given to me for Baby Gruber...what a cute idea!!!)

So cute!

 Finished onesies!

The following Saturday, I had my big baby shower hosted by my mom, as well as some help from Shelley Larsen (where the shower was held), Jaleah, Bryton, and Kerstin. It turned out so beautiful. The Larsen’s living room area is so pretty with a giant kitchen area. They also have great big windows that look out into the back yard, complete with a swimming pool “oasis”. It was gorgeous! I was literally “showered” with gifts, yummy food, and with visitors! Again, I can’t help but feel so blessed with the people in my life. Thanks to all who attended and who helped make the shower so wonderful! 

Photos are courtesy of friends like Bryton, Kerstin, Alison, and family:

"Ready To Pop"


Freshmen Roommates: Megan, Bryton, me, Jaleah, and Alison

Love these girls!

Alisha and I...due two weeks apart with baby boys
(Alisha actually beat me...Logan was born Monday, June 11th! Congrats!)

Me, Kerstin, and Alisha


  1. Ok it's time! I've been checking your blog and Facebook way too often. I'm so excited for you!

  2. You must have an awesome ward! That is great! Also, it's awesome you still keep in contact with all those girls...haven't seen them in years! Hope everything goes great with the delivery!