Monday, June 18, 2012

A Few May Events

May was very eventful for Jason and I. As if a birthday and baby showers were not enough, we still had lots more to celebrate.

You can’t forget about Mother’s Day! This year, Jason and I had the nerve-racking task of speaking in Sacrament Meeting. Personally, I think that is a messed up Mother’s Day gift for a pregnant girl, but thankfully it is over and done with. After speaking, we were able to spend the rest of the Sabbath relaxing and spending time with family.

Before heading the Alpine for a family dinner, Jason surprised me with these beauties for Mother’s Day:


I had been wanting to get some flowers for the window seal ever since Jason started working on the garden. The window area definitely needed something to make it feel more bright and more like home. It was such a fun surprise to have the flower box all planted with some of our favorite flowers! He did an amazing job picking them out! So pretty! He also got three pots that he planted with cilantro, basil, and jalapeno. 

The rose bush is alive and finally blooming!!

Our tomato plants starting to get exciting!

After a relaxing afternoon at home, we headed to Alpine where we had a delicious bratwurst/hot dog BBQ with Grandma Gruber, Whites, Hymas’s, and Hadleys. It was very fun to have them all there. (Possibly pictures to come)

Later that evening, we headed to Draper to wish my mom Happy Mother’s Day and to surprise her with the family gift: a Blendtech! Blendtechs are AMAZING! Someday, Jason and I will get one...we love it so much and we are huge on smoothies! My mom was very surprised, and of course, loved it!

A few "fake presents" to throw Mom off

Playing some serious Fussball

Another big event in May was Memorial Day Weekend! While Jason was away on a fishing trip (more on that to come), I spent the weekend with some wonderful women in my life! I had a chance to spend time with my mom, with my sister Camry, got pedicures/lunch/and dessert with Kerstin and Alisha, and Amy got home from her mission! She served in Tulsa, OK (among other places), and loved it so much she even extended her mission a month. To say the least, I was very anxious and excited by the time she was on her way home. I’m so proud of her. She has grown so much and has gained such an amazing spirit and testimony. Welcome home, Amy! Now we can play and play, just like the good old days!

After Amy's Homecoming on Sunday, we ran over to Grubers to join in the celebration of George's birthday. Monday brought even more fun, as we joined up with my family for an afternoon at Seven Peaks in Salt Lake (thanks to the amazing Pass of All Passes), a delicious smoked pork dinner, and a Blendtech extravaganza!

 Jason coming down the big slide
Given the pregnancy belly, I became the self-appointed photographer

Dad catching some air!


Bryan getting sprayed in the face!


Tyson (excuse the random guy in the front)

Dad (no he is not being shot up from a fountain)

Waiting for the waves to begin

Blendtech Party!
We each got to take turns picking a recipe from the Blendtech Recipe Book, making it, and sampling it! So fun, so yummy, and so full!!

Memorial Day Baby Bump

Phew! What a fun weekend!

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