Monday, July 2, 2012

Camping at Sliding Rock

Before Jason’s friend, Richard, left to work at Lake Powell for the summer, we all got together for a summer camp out (Rich & Kamilla, Nate, Sarah and fam, and Parker and Alli). Mind you, I was four days away from my due needless to say, we attended the evening tin foil dinners and night around the campfire, but did not camp overnight. The “campsite” we went to was just next to Sliding Rock (a frequent camping area for Jason and his friends). Jason and I made delicious teriyaki steak and vegetable tinfoil dinners, and also roasted/warmed our Costco Rosemary bread. Yum! We chatted around the campfire, the boys fished in the pond and rode on Rich’s motorcycles. Rich even entertained us with a couple bike jumps off the jump into the pond. You can’t have a campfire without s’mores, candy, and soda, and so we made sure to load up on all of those yummy things. 

Helping the boys fish

So pretty!

Rich making the dive!

We even saw a  blow snake... of course, Rich picked it up...

Thank goodness for good, fun friends!

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