Monday, July 2, 2012

Father's Day

Father’s Day came and went with no new Baby Gruber. My due date was June 12th, and so we assumed Jason would have a “real” Father’s Day this year. But no, baby was on his own schedule....however, we celebrated just the same.

Bryan was asked to speak in church that Sunday, so we drove down to Draper to attend church with my family. Bryan did a great job.

Afterwards, we spent the afternoon celebrating Father’s Day with my dad. We ate great food, opened fun presents, and played Ticket to Ride (of course). I must say that a couple of my siblings refuse to play anymore because we have played so much. But my dad still LOVES it. 

The evening was spent with the Grubers. We joined up for dessert and presents for good old George.

When we finally got home, Jason opened his presents from me. He always has fishing on the mind, so finding him a gift he would like was not hard at all. 

Yep, Frog Togs of his very own!

I feel so grateful for all of the wonderful men in my life, especially my husband, Jason. He truly spoils me and treats me better than I deserve. I could not ask for a better partner and eternal companion. Love you, Jason!

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