Monday, July 23, 2012

More June Family Fun

The birth of Charlie definitely took the spotlight for the month of June for us. However, there were some other fun family events that took place.

My sister, Kimberly, turned 18 and a couple days later graduated from high school! I can't believe she will be moving out to college this fall! Graduation is such an exciting time, so I'm glad Jason and I were able to attend and celebrate with her before Charlie was born! Congrats Kim!

Kimberly's 18th Birthday

Seminary Graduation was also that evening

Kimberly's High School Graduation:

Charlie was there in spirit :)

Such a windy day!

Afterward, we celebrated at Happy Sumo. Yum!

We gave Kim a Whirley Popper for graduation so she can make delicious kettle corn for all of her college friends

Once Charlie was born, we were sure to make several stops at the Grubers so they could spend some time with the little guy. It was also a perfect time for a family picture, since all of the grandkids were in town.

Clara, Oliver, Harlan, Duke, Elsa, Nancy, George, Charlie, Alex, Mya, and Capri
Nine Grandchildren!

 Check out that chin dimple!

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