Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Hospital Stay

Having four days at the hospital was a very nice and a very much needed stay. We got so lucky to have amazing nurse after amazing nurse care for us. The food was great too! I definitely recommend delivering at Utah Valley if you want an awesome menu for all meals!

We had many visitors come to meet Charlie at the hospital. We definitely felt loved by family and friends.

A few of the visitors:
Sean, Alli, and April


My siblings:


 Aryana (with Great-Grandma Arbon and Aunt Erin)

The Tadje Family

...and there were several others...just no pictures...

While recovering, I became very nauseous most of the mornings and some of the evenings. The doctor and nurses all had their own opinions as to what was causing the nausea: hormones, bleeding, pain medications, etc. The only way for me to deal with the pain was to sleep. Jason did an amazing job stepping up to the plate to care for me and for Charlie. Jason stayed in the hospital room with me practically the entire time! He left a total of two times in the four days/nights we were there to get himself some food...and even those were quick runs amounting to less than 30 minutes. While I was “out” several hours each morning, Jason was able to get some real quality time with Charlie, finger-feeding him the milk. With the care of an amazing husband and some great nurses, I could rest easy knowing Charlie was in good hands.

When Saturday morning came around, the morning of our discharge, we were filled with feelings of excitement and anxiety. We truly had a great stay at the hospital and were nervous to take on caring for a newborn all on our own. We knew we couldn’t just send Charlie to the nursery each night anymore. We were now responsible for the nights, as well as the days. But at the same time, we were so excited to bring Charlie home with us and to begin the next chapter in our lives as parents. 

Charlie's going home outfit (and first time in a onesie)

First time in a car seat 

Too dang cute!

Check out those cheeks...

...and that double chin!

Officially home!
Such a nice sign from the Gruber family!

We arrived home, took a nap, changed a few diapers, were visited by Aunt Jean and Uncle Lloyd, and then packed up again to head to my parents house (more on that later).

Beautiful flowers from Aunt Jean and Uncle Lloyd

Father and son time

 After making a quick stop at the Grubers to say hello to all of the family, we headed for the Arbons.


  1. Oh Emily I love him already! Congrats mama bear! I can't wait to meet him