Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Colson’s Second Month

(December 6 - January 5)

Around four and a half weeks old, Colson’s baby acne seemed to start settling down a bit. We were so happy to see it getting a little bit better.

It went from this.... this in a matter of a week.

A week later, at five and a half weeks, he gave me his first seven hour night! It was wonderful! From that point on, he consistently gave me five to eight hour nights. It was a challenge, however, putting him down at night. He would not go down until 11:30 or 12:00 at night.

Those cheeks!!!

Colson has been such a delightful and easy going baby. I feel so blessed because that is exactly what I needed in order to maintain sanity with two little ones. During this month, he has had some intense crying fits, which have been unusual for his personality so far. He couldn’t be calmed just by being picked up and held like usual. We hoped it was just growing pains and not a change in temperament.

We started to see some smiles and cooing. That is always so exciting and rewarding! He is getting strong and able to lift his head and look around. He has been able to roll from his stomach to his back, although he doesn’t do it all of the time. He does pretty well with tummy time and can easily last for about five minutes.

He is able to focus more with his eyes. I can see him following me with his eyes and they are moving a lot more quickly.

He has started to cry before naps and is getting overtired. I need to start a sleeping schedule of only one to two hours of wakefulness.

He doesn’t really take a binky. I believe he did a little bit in the hospital, but since being home he hasn’t been a fan.

He blows out ALL OF THE TIME!! It is out of control. It is multiple times a day! I hate this stage. It’s time to move up to bigger diapers.

At his two month check-up, these were his measurements:

Weight: 11 lbs 13 oz (35%)
Length: 22.25 inches (15%)
Head Circ: 40.1 cm (78%)

We’ve got a short, squishy baby with a large head. We love it!

The ongoing joke is that Colson has no neck and his big cheeks are just resting on his shoulders.

Here are some more pics from the month:

always a bloated belly

following big brother's example and napping in the swing

refining those bubble skills

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