Monday, April 27, 2015

January - Part II

I took my new Thanksgiving Point membership very seriously. The next week, we hit up the Curiosity Museum again, this time with Nancy, April, and kids. I LOVE having my “plus one” pass and being able to share with others!

We invited our friends, The Wingers, over to see our new place. We had Thai take-out from Spicy Thai and then hung out here while the kids played. We are quickly finding how much we love the take-out option! It so much easier to feed and deal with the kiddos at home, but you still get the upgrade from fast food!

This winter has been so strange! Pretty much the only big snow storm was the week of Christmas (and thank heavens for that). But besides that, it hasn’t really been that cold. At the end of January, it even got into the 50s! Because it was so warm, I could see my tulips starting to grow above the dirt! I couldn’t believe it!

As I mentioned before, Jason's birthday fell on the week of us staying with Bryan in Draper. However, we still celebrated with birthday dinners with both families. We had the Grubers over one Sunday evening and we made some tasty steak and pork tacos. We brought out the good stuff, complete with the amazing (and huge) steak from Costco, Copycat Cafe Rio Pork, cilantro lime rice, etc. It was quite a tasty meal! Dessert was lemon cake. With the Arbon family, Camry and Jason shared the birthday spotlight with dinner, cake, and presents.

And, finally, for preservation sake, a look at our completed entertainment cabinets and shelves. I absolutely love how they turned out!

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