Sunday, May 3, 2015

February - Part I

I knew it was coming, and I was completely dreading it. The infamous “hair falling out” stage! After Charlie was born, I was completely horrified to find my hair falling out in clumps, constantly slipping down the backs of my arms, and filling up my brush daily! It got so thin that I pretty much had a nasty pirate pony tail. Erin saved me and got me hair extensions that Christmas! Ah, that helped so much! So, I knew it was coming. The beginning of February, when Colson was almost three months old, is when I started noticing the “fall out”. Wearing my hair down just looks stringy and nasty now. I wish my hair wasn’t short so I could wear the trusty extensions. But, at least my hair is long enough to wear in a ponytail, so for the next six or so months, that will be my go-to hairstyle. Oh the sacrifices we make for these sweet little babies!

A large part of our nights in January and beginning of February was consumed by watching Game of Thrones. Now, let me clarify here. For Christmas, Tyson gave me the edited versions of Tudors and Game of Thrones. I didn’t know anything about Game of Thrones, but as soon as we started it, we were completely sucked in! We LOVED it! It is definitely in our top three all-time favorite TV shows. It is up there with The Office and Lost. We watched all four seasons in a little over a month. Now, that takes dedication! Once we finished season four, we were kind of depressed. We didn’t want it to end. Luckily, there were will be a couple more seasons. We will just have to prove our patience as we wait for them to be released and edited.

Early in February, we had Jaleah and Mark over. We got Cafe Rio take out and then played European Ticket to Ride. Such a fun night with friends.

As I mentioned in the January post, the weather has been so warm! Who thought we would be going to the park for a playdate in February? We went to Windsor Park, which is another awesome park in Orem that is just a couple of blocks away.

Speaking of playgroups, we finally hosted one! That is one thing I have been so excited for since moving into our new home. We finally have some room to have little friends over. It was a blast!

shirt-less babies eating messy cupcakes

We had Shannon, Josh, and their son, Phoenix, over for pizza and games. They are a fun family that lives in our new neighborhood. With kids around, we have learned that you don’t really get to the games part of the evening. We had fun eating, chatting, and watching the kids play.

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