Tuesday, May 26, 2015

March - Part I

I made a tasty (very rich) chocolate bundt cake for a Gruber Sunday dinner while the Tuttles were still in town. My baking failures seem to outnumber my successes, so I like to document them when I can. It was a beaut!

Penelope and Colson

I have said it many times before, but this month I really felt the effects of crazy baby hormones! I went to get a certain waxing done that I have done five or six times before, but this time they had to stop half way through because my skin was more red and sensitive (and bleeding) than she had ever seen! Being a redhead already puts me on the sensitive skin side, but post baby hormones and nursing has really done a number on me! I guess I will be waiting many months before I try that again.

March 5th finally arrived!!! Sister Kimberly Arbon finally arrived home from her mission in Atlanta, Georgia! We went to pick her up from the airport and couldn’t have been more excited! She looked great and was thrilled to be home. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out, eating dinner, getting ice cream at Ritas, and looking at pictures from her mission. That weekend we tried to visit as much as we could to spend some good time with her (while also giving her some space and having some time of her own). Sunday came, which meant Homecoming Talk time. Church was at 9:00am, she did an awesome job, and then we had a party with family and friends afterwards at their house. It feels so good to have her home! The family has definitely been incomplete without her.

Waiting for Kim at the airport:

They finally meet!


Relaxing after the party

We had some of our Pleasant Grove friends over for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner. I had been wanting to have them over for dinner since moving into our new house, and this seemed like a perfect and fun opportunity (especially since it is Kylie’s ultimate favorite holiday). Including us, we had eight adults and eight kids. It was slight madness, but we had a good time eating Shepherd’s Pie, and other green food items, like green jello, a "shamrock drink" from Pinterest, a salad, and we also had Kneaders rolls. For dessert we had chocolate sandwich cookies and mint chocolate ice cream. We had Lucky Charms for the kids and green juice boxes. It was a blast!

The guests included the Dunaways, Provosts, and Stones.

Hayden Provost

The next day was the actual St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Last minute, my mom invited us over so we enjoyed a corn beef dinner and treasure hunt. Charlie loved it! Camry had just got a new car, so we gave that a test ride.

The hunt:

a look at some of the holiday decor at our house

Jason put some serious work time into the garden. He had already pruned the trees back like crazy a couple of weeks before and fixed the sprinkler system. In the garden, he took out the wood planks that were there to make room for a bigger garden and to utilize that space better. He also planted little indoor starters in these little pods. I hope they grow!

Some other pictures from the beginning of the month:

Date night sushi at Koi with the kids. 

Trying out the Bumbo in the bath - there were lots of giggles

Our favorite ice cream (italian ice) place right now

Uncle Jim and Aunt Patience visit

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