Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Colson’s Third Month

(January 6 - February 5)

Colson got to the point of needing some help going down for naps. He wasn’t just sleeping most of the day anymore, at any time or place. After Christmas, he started getting fussy when tired. I started the two-hour of wakefulness rule. I found it most effective when I started helping him soothe at one to one and a half hours. I would nurse him for about 30 minutes and then place him in the swing for his naps. For a little while there, I went without swaddling him when putting him in the swing. He would just get too hot and sweaty (a couple of weeks later I started swaddling him again for naps, but with lighter swaddlers). I would still swaddle him for bed though and lay him in his crib. I started letting him cry it out at night so he could learn to calm himself to sleep.

I started making his bedtime earlier. I moved it up to 9:30 or 10 with a bedtime routine of a bath before bed. With this earlier bedtime, however, he started to wake up once in the night. Before this, he would sleep from midnight until 7! With the new bedtime, he started waking up around four or five. I would nurse him and he would fall back asleep until about 7.

We have started hearing him giggle! We just love that! It has only been a few times, but it makes it all worth it. We are seeing some more smiles, too.

Colson has done great with nursing. I typically nurse him from just one side for a feeding.

The blow outs continued to plague us throughout this month! When will it end?!?

Here are the pictures from the month:

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