Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Day of LOVE

We had a packed and fun Valentine’s Day this year. We started it off right with a pink, heart-shaped pancake breakfast...thanks to Jason’s cooking. After that, we headed to the Curiosity Museum with Paul, Mandy, and Lily. Again, I just love being able to share my Thanksgiving Point membership with others! The Phillips had never been and it was a great way to celebrate Lily’s birthday and Valentine’s Day. For lunch, we hit up Firehouse Subs.

The men may have had more fun than the kids...

Jason surprised me with an awesome gift this year! An iPhone! I am definitely not an Apple snob and generally don’t need or want the latest phone, but I was fed up with the lousy pictures my phone was taking. I feel like I wasn't taking as many pictures of Colson because they always turned out so blurry, so there was no point. So Jason got me an iPhone and I was thrilled. The picture quality is definitely top-notch.

That night, my parents came to watch the boys. Jason and I went to dinner at Milagros. We love that place and love that we live so close! Truth be told, there were a few other places we would have rather gone on this special day, but a lesson we keep learning is that you need to make reservations for Valentine’s Day like a week in advance!

Camry stopped for a visit as well

complete with chocolates, fancy soap, and chocolate-covered strawberries from my parents

After dinner we went to the romantic Home Depot store. We wanted to pick up some yellow paint for a couple of projects we had in mind for the next week.

It was a very fun and eventful day! I am so lucky to have Jason by my side!

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