Monday, April 20, 2015

Staying with Bryan - 2015

My parents went on another cruise! I love that they have been on the cruise bandwagon lately! Such a great getaway for them! This time they went on Royal Carribean with Fun For Less. Basically, they go with a group of other couples and they attend different classes and eat with them. They had an awesome time. While they were away, Jason and I stayed with Bryan again. We stayed Saturday through Monday (nine days).

On Saturday, I wanted Jason and Bryan to try Freebirds, so we hit up the new one by Scheels. Very tasty! I like to get the burrito with half pork half steak. After Freebirds, we couldn’t pass up going to Ritas. We love their Italian Ice! Sunday was a little complicated. Jason and I had to speak in church at our ward in Orem. We brought Charlie and Colson home with us, and George and Nancy met us at our house. They stayed with the boys while Jason and I went to church to speak. Mind you, we have 9:00am church. We made it with time to spare!

Bryan was a lot more busy this time around. Last time we spent a lot of time playing games like Monopoly. This time, Bryan was doing homework and then off hanging out with friends. We did manage to squeeze one game of European Ticket to Ride out of him. I kept myself entertained with visits from Erin and Amy.

We introduced Bryan to our bad habit of having a nightly dessert or treat!

On Wednesday of that week, it was Jason’s 29th birthday! Jason lucked out with having a free work! We had a french toast breakfast, and then Nancy and George offered to watch the boys while we had a little date. We jumped right on that offer and went to see Unbreakable. Such an awesome movie! Randomly enough, we quickly picked up Taco Time for lunch on our way home. For dinner, we went with Bryan to Pizzeria Limone (another new restaurant by Scheels). It was pretty dang good. And since we were in the neighborhood, we just had to get Ritas for dessert...again.

Thursday night we invited Wingers over. We treated them to my parent’s supply of Italian sodas and Kaari made an awesome dessert, individual blackberry pies. Then we watched The Way, Way Back. A fine, one time film. Bryan finished his homework in time to hang out with us as well.

On Friday, while Bryan was away with friends, we invited Amy and Johnny over. Yet again, we busted out the Italian sodas (I developed a new-found love for those drinks like never before) and then we watched Newsies. (Funny story, both Jason and I ordered that movie for each other from Amazon just a day apart. We both thought it would be fun to give as a gift. So two Newsies movies arrived in Draper the same day!)

Monday was a holiday. Was it President’s Day? Anyways, Bryan went skiing with his friend Jacob. Jason was invited, but the snow was so poor, he opted to save his ski day for a day with better snow. Instead, Jason and I took the boys to the Dinosaur Museum (another Thanksgiving Point perk).

And now for some Colson pics:

bath time in the sink

We introduced Charlie to showering because my parents have an awesome two person shower. After one of the showers, I went to get a diaper and towel for Charlie. When I came back, he had left a little surprise on the shower floor. Sorry Grandma and Grandma!

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