Tuesday, April 14, 2015

January 2015 - Part I

As you can imagine, I was so anxious to start using my Thanksgiving Point membership that Jason gave me for Christmas! It was a plus one pass, meaning I get in for free as well as one guest. Everyone else is half-off (unless under three, they are already free). Jason had never been to the Curiosity Museum so I was so excited to show him. We went the first weekend in January. I knew he would love it...and he did! We all had a blast!

That night we met up with the Phillip cousins for a traditional dinner at Brick Oven. Love that place! Unfortunately, Colson wasn’t loving it so much. We were sitting in such a hot area of the restaurant, so Jason and I spent most of the dinner taking turns walking him around. Even still, he was content walking around so it wasn’t so bad.

meeting Lily Phillips

It was finally my turn to get a calling. Since things had settled down with Colson and I had recovered, I had no reason to postpone the inevitable. I was called to be the Assistant Secretary in the Relief Society. It was kind of a relief since my last calling in Pleasant Grove was Relief Society Secretary. It was something familiar to me. I quickly realized that each ward is different and my responsibilities were going to be different. But, I am happy to serve and it is an awesome way to get to know the sisters.

I finally got the courage to get back into play groups again. I felt like I had things under control and I was anxious for a change and chance to get out. I saw a big change in Charlie. He was so much more willing to leave my lap and go off and play with the toys and other kids. I think the reasons for this big improvement are two things: 1) his forced adaptation to Colson and learning how to keep himself entertained and 2) all of the interaction and playing with cousins over the Christmas holiday. I was thrilled to see this improvement in Charlie.

We were excited to host our “monthly” game night with the Gibbs and Bairds. The Gibbs hadn’t seen our new place, so we were excited to have them over. We had a ball playing The Game of Things. Such a genius game! Always a blast with those guys.

And here are some pics from one of Jason's fishing days:

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