Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Few Fun Things

I realize we are at the end of October, and I am still trying to write about July. Sorry, but it must be done. We had a few fun outings at the end of July:

1. Jason got off work early one day so we hit up Seven Peaks together as a family. Usually I have been going alone with Charlie when it was really hot outside and we had nothing else to do. We would only stay for, at most, two hours, and would spend most of the time walking around the kiddie area and walking around the wave pool. He didn’t so much want to play in the water as much as he wanted to walk on the cement near the water. But it was nice being outside, getting a tan, and letting him stretch his legs. Going alone with Charlie is never as relaxing as one would hope, so it was really nice to have Jason come with us one day. We even treated ourselves to some Dippin’ Dots. We are suckers for those overpriced things! Later that day, we went to go visit Parker and Ali in their brand new townhome. They finally bought a place of their own in Saratoga Springs, and we couldn’t be happier for them. The place is beautiful!

2. During the summer, we like to take advantage of the fun city carnivals. Charlie and I met up with my family for the Draper Days Parade. It was very fun, but extremely hot! I was sweating all over my entire body! Even with the huge umbrellas shading us and frozen water bottles to place on our skin, we were still scorching! Charlie had a pretty good time considering the heat. Later that day, Jason went with us to meet up with the Tadjes (Nate, Sarah, Aaron, Samantha, and kids) for some fun American Fork Steel Days action. We had a fun time people-watching, watching the kiddos go on a few rides, and even taking Charlie on the carousel. Charlie is a little tender-hearted fellow, so I wasn’t sure if he would like it. He doesn’t even like being tossed in the air, swinging on swings, going down slides, or anything thrilling like that. So I chose one of the stationary seats on the carousel and rode with him. He did a lot better than expected. Slowly, but surely, we will increase Charlie’s courage.

Draper Days:

Staying hydrated

AF Steel Days:

Charlie was very concerned and sensitive about all of the noise and people around.

Getting ready for the ride.

Nate, baby Callie, Jason, and Charlie

3. We had another get together with some Tadjes, but this time it was off to Grantsville to see Richard and Kamilla, their new house, and their new baby (Dakota). Apparently Jason and I need to get with the program and get a house. I think we are the only ones out of his friends who don’t own a house. All in good time. Really, at this point, there is no rush. Dakota is just the cutest baby ever! He seriously looks like Mowgli from the Jungle Book. So adorable!

4. While Duke was still staying with Nancy and George, we went on a little outing with them and the Riverton Grubers. I didn’t know this before, but before Pioneer Day, they display/preview all of the floats for the parade and let people come and see them and vote for their favorites. This year it was at the South Towne Expo Center. It was so cool being able to see all of them up close, and not to mention being able to see them in an air-conditioned room! It sure beats seeing them in the blazing heat of the day during a parade. There were so many cool floats, even floats representing different LDS stakes were legit! I can’t imagine being put in charge of doing a float for one of those things. I wouldn’t even know where to start! The talent and expectation for those things are way above my ability. They are way over the top...and I don’t even know why! Why do the stakes make them so cool and grandiose? What is the point? Sure they are cool to look at, but why spend all of that money for something like that? I understand it is advertising for businesses, so I get that...but not the church ones. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Elsa LOVES Charlie and always wants to be touching him

One of the many amazing floats

Cousin bath time! Duke and Charlie!

5. We had a very fun Pioneer Day this year. We started off the morning with a bike ride/donut run. Those are always so great and tasty. Then we spent the rest of the day in Draper. We met up with my family and went to Draper Park. We had a KFC lunch, ate homemade brownies, and had a blast playing volleyball. It was another hot day, but we had a great time. Bryan wasn't feeling all that great and wasn't interested in the volleyball, so he was a good sport and walked Charlie around in his stroller for most of the afternoon. After the outdoor fun, we went back to my parents and watching a video on our ancestor: Charles C. Rich. Very fitting for Pioneer Day. Charlie is named after this great great great great grandfather of mine. He was a faithful and inspiring man, who did so much for the church and endured many hardships.

Relaxing after some serious volleyball playing

6. Here is a look at our garden update at the end of July:


Hot Pepper


Green beans and onions



Salsa Time!

 So we asked our neighbors to water our garden while we were gone on the cruise, and they did an awesome job! I must have forgotten to mention the flowers on the windowsill, though:
Before the cruise...

...after the cruise...bummer.

And that pretty much sums up the rest of July 2013!

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