Sunday, October 13, 2013

Disney Cruise: Part VI: The Special Nights

I LOVED the special nights on the cruise! Sunday night was formal night. It was such a fun excuse to get all fancied up and to be served a delicious dinner. I went shopping specifically for something to wear on formal night. I have a lot of nice Sunday outfits, but none of them really felt jazzy or flashy enough. It was actually really difficult to find something to wear that wasn’t too short or require a dang under-shirt or cardigan. I still ended up getting a dress that I had to wear a shirt under, but I think it worked out just fine. I felt all glamorous, and even put on false eyelashes for the finishing touch. I love falsies, but never have a legitimate reason to wear them anymore now that the drill/dance days are over. It was also nice having formal night land on a Sunday, because then we had more down time to get ready. Normally, you wanted to spend as little time as possible in the staterooms and getting ready. The family looked great, and took advantage of the many photo opps. It was also fun to be surrounded by other people dressed their best. I felt elevated to a classier level of society. A real fun night!

A scan of the official picture

My "fancy" hair

Power couple ;)

Dad trying the escargot

Midweek, I believe it was Wednesday night, was Pirate Night! That was the funnest night by far! My parents had prepared us and gotten us excited about this night. They made sure we all had something to wear and that we looked like a legitimate pirate family! Some of us were even gifted items of clothing to be sure we upheld the pirate-family name. When we showed up for dinner, even the servers were dressed as pirates. They had my favorite menu of the cruise this night, too! I believe it was a New York Steak...but whatever it was, I remember thinking: This is the best night ever! The night show that night was Monsters University 3D, which was awesome, but after that everyone was invited to the main outdoor section of the ship for a pirate party. There was a classic Disney style performance, including music, dancing, fighting, and fake gun fights. Captain Jack Sparrow even came down from a wire. After his grand entrance, we were treated with an awesome firework show, with fireworks being shot right from the ship, over our heads, and over the vast ocean! Such a special sight! And of course, the fireworks were timed perfectly with the music. Classic Disney style! Immediately following, the music picked up and we had a dance party right then and there. After a few songs, they started serving giant turkey legs. Mind you, this was 11 o’clock at night! So awesome! There were other buffet items offered as well, but the turkey legs were the hot items. For those who wanted to continue the pirate party even later could stay out on deck, lay out on the lounge chairs, and watch Pirates of the Caribbean on the huge outdoor screen.


Monsters University 3D

Thursday night was semi-formal night. This was another fun night to dress up, but more Sunday-dress style. A little more comfortable, but still a fun way to feel classy and special.

Kim trying prosciutto...didn't last long...yuck!

Lobster tail night

As you have already concluded, after this excessively comprehensive breakdown of the cruise, we had a fabulous time! The final night of the cruise, after the final night show, after watching Bryan’s zombie movie, after hitting up The Tube, after eating snacks at the late-night buffet, we didn’t want it to end so we continued to wander around the ship, taking it all in for the last time. We couldn’t believe it had actually come to an end. What a wonderful, family opportunity we had just had! One we will never forget, and always hold dear! 

Don't make us leave!!!

So exhausted:

 Thanks, Mom and Dad for an awesome adventure! Can't wait for our next one!

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