Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Annual Arbon Campout

This year for our family camp out, my dad decided to invite the extended family. We got three large campsites that were next to each other and had a grand old time enjoying great company and the beauty of nature. Those who joined us were the Apelus, the Lindon Arbons (including Felicia), and the Provo Phillips. We were there for three days and two nights. Grandma and Grandpa Arbon came up the second day, but did not stay the night.

Boy, did we have a great time! There was tons of yummy food...a little too much food, probably. We played lots and lots of games, including mafia around the campfire. Some of us read books. Some of us (Jason) went fishing, and tried taking Charlie along in his carrier. But, of course, the highlight is always the airsoft wars!

We were so excited to use Charlie's Cabella's chair from Grandma and Grandpa Gruber

Charlie and Lily getting to know each other better

Time around the fire


Reading my present from Amy - Divergent - an awesome book!

We made sure everyone planned ahead of time to bring enough gear so all of the cousins could play airsoft wars. We had a good sized group and had a blast exploring and taking over unused campsites. That is until the camp hosts shut us down! What a bummer! As you know, our family does airsoft wars every year and we have never had a problem or confrontation. This year was probably different because a) we were a much larger group and easier to notice, and b) this was the first year for the new camp hosts and they wanted to strictly follow every rule. So they warned the parents once, and so we stayed within the bounds of our site. But then, they snuck up on us and caught us in the act. They weren’t too happy and threatened to kick us out of the site, but we let them know that we would comply. It was a bummer to put an end to the game, but we still got in a good couple of hours.

Everyone was so great to help us with Charlie. I was really nervous preparing for the trip, not knowing how things would go with him. He was just starting to walk, so I knew I would have to keep a close eye on him and be with him constantly. I was worried about his sleeping since it would be cold and we wouldn’t have a fan for white noise. His napping wasn’t totally awesome, but he was able to sleep, so I’ll take it. We pitched our tent right next to the stream so we would be away from the camp noise and he could have the running stream for white noise. At night he fell asleep pretty easily, I was relieved! He woke up maybe once or twice, but quickly fell back asleep. When I would pick him up to help him back to sleep, he was freezing! Being right next to the stream had it’s was definitely colder than it would have been! Jason and I were so cold each night, so we bundled Charlie up as best we could. Poor little guy, but he mostly slept through it as if it didn’t bother him. We had a sweet tent setup, though. We have a nice queen aerobed that is double-raised above the ground and even has a blow-up headboard. It requires an outlet to blow up, so we had to put the air mattress inside of the tent, laying next to the car, blow it up, and then carry the tent with the air mattress inside to our camping spot and pitch the tent. The mattress was too big to fit through the tent door once it was blown up. Miraculously, we were able to fit the pack-n-play in there as well, and still have leg room and room for our bags. It felt like we were camping in luxury.

Back to Charlie, my family was so great with him. He loves the outdoors and pushing his stroller around. They walked around with him and took him on many stroller rides. My mom, Erin, and Mandy were especially great! I’m pretty sure one of the stroller rides they went on was close to two hours long! Mandy was genius and figured out that our stroller can hold two kids at once, one facing forward and one facing back. I didn’t know it could do that. Lily didn’t have a stroller to ride in, so they got to ride in it together. It was perfect. During one of their long rides, we got to play volleyball with the cousins. It was really fun! Somehow I always seem to be on the losing team...what is that all about?!? It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with my skills….no way!

Doubling-up in the stroller

We take the naps whenever and wherever we can get them

It was so fun having the extended family with us. I think we just might have to make that a regular part of the Arbon camping tradition!

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