Saturday, October 19, 2013

Charlie’s Thirteenth Month

12 months to 13 months

Now we begin to document Charlie’s second year of life! I can’t believe it! I just love our little man so much and am so excited to see him grow. I have loved him at every stage, and I have I loved seeing him love more and more things. His discoveries bring me great joy!

Here are his measurements from his one year checkup:
Weight: 21 lbs - 21%
Height: 30.25 inches - 64%
Head Circ: 47 cm - 67%

At the doctor's office:

Always on the move

We made the switch from formula to whole milk. It went great! He took it just fine. He didn’t really like it cold/straight from the fridge, so what worked best for me was to warm up half of the bottle in the microwave and then fill up the other half of the bottle with the cold milk. That way it was lukewarm without any hot spots. He still does not like to drink from a sippy cup. He can do it, he just won’t. He refuses. I have tried so many times, but he just won’t. It is frustrating, but I just have to remind myself that he will get it in time. He runs on his own schedule, I just need to be patient.

His second upper tooth (his right) started breaking through and by the end of the month, it was totally down. It is so crazy how much older he seems with two top teeth! So precious and heart-breaking!

He no longer says anything that even closely resembles the word “baby”, so apparently that was just a fluke. He does not say any real words yet.

So apparently I am going crazy! I am always waking up in the middle of the night looking for Charlie. I wake up thinking he is going to crawl off the bed or down the stairs! Of course, this is ridiculous since he is in his crib (which he can’t climb out of), behind a closed door. But regardless, I still bolt right up, feel for him with my arms, and sometimes even walk to the door to look at the top of the stairs. Usually within a few seconds I realize I am not thinking clearly, and that he is in his crib. But seriously, it happens almost every night! I have had this problem ever since Charlie was born, but it has really picked up lately.

His assisted-walking skills are definitely improving! He is walking really well with holding on with only one hand. He can walk along the walls. When he was staying with Nancy and George, he actually started taking a couple half steps (like stumbling steps) before falling on his bum or his hands. He doesn’t seem to do it when encouraged though. Once he is given attention for it, he refuses to perform.

He is showing a lot more separation anxiety! He gets upset even if I just walk into the next room. It is just ridiculous! He also cries when I say “no”. Yep, he still definitely understands that word. He is doing so much better with dogs now! He actually LOVES them. He will let Erin’s three adult cocker spaniels come up to him and play with him. When they come to lick him, he just puts his head down but keeps on giggling. That is such progress from him being terrified of the tiny puppies who just laid there.

Ever since returning from the cruise, Charlie has been so easy to put down to sleep. It doesn’t matter if I am putting him down for a nap or down for bed, it is such a breeze! I don’t know what Nancy did or what kind of training routine she put Charlie through, but she is a miracle worker! Now all I do is feed him a bottle, hold him for a couple minutes, and then lay him down. Even if his eyes are open, he just continues to lay there as I walk out of the door. He used to always roll over, crawl to the corner of the crib, stand up, and cry. He doesn’t do any of that anymore! Every time I leave the room, I tip-toe to the door and hold my breath, just waiting for him to cry but he never does! I keep wondering when he is going to revert back to his old ways, but he hasn’t yet! It is absolutely wonderful! His white blanket is still a necessity for every sleep time. He just loves that thing. If he sees it somewhere outside of sleep times, he goes straight for it and buries his face in it. True love!

Picture time:

Dad takes Charlie for a shaved ice run...

...and all Charlie can think of is getting his hands on some of that goodness!

This one is my favorite! He is trying so hard to get some!

The morning after Charlie's birthday party - the first toy he wanted to play with

He still loves watching TV

A Saturday morning donut run - the perfect way to break in the new bike seat and helmet

Things get a little messy nowadays around the dinner table

A fun visit to Wheeler Farm with the Grubers:

Charlie loves animals!

As you can see, it was a VERY hot day!

Fun picnic lunch after seeing the Farm

One of our gifts from the cruise: a Mickey outfit

He loves pushing around the stroller, or anything with wheels

Now that Charlie is one year old, we won’t be getting monthly photo shoots from my friend, Amy. They were always fun and she did an amazing job! I think the next one will probably be our family pictures or when he hits 18 months.

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