Sunday, November 3, 2013

Enjoying August

For some reason, I have just cherished these summer months. I can think of a few reasons why: I don’t have to work, so I am to do what I want, Charlie is very mobile and loves to be outside and see new places, I have my Seven Peaks Pass of All Passes and Charlie gets in free, and I am really able to just soak in the moments so much more than I used to! Without having the daily stress of work, I have really been able to enjoy the weekends and the fun family moments. With the burden of work, all I wanted to do was be home and unwind. Now, I am always wanting to go and do something, and I appreciate it so much more!

Here are a few things that we did at the beginning of August:

One afternoon, Kaari invited me and Charlie to a swimming playdate. Before moving into their new home in Draper, they lived in one of his parent’s homes in Orem. It is a nice gated community with a beautiful community pool. It was so perfect for our little ones. Not only were we saved from the distance and crowds of Seven Peaks, but it had the perfect shallow area that gradually sloped down to about three feet. It had a little island in the pool that captured Charlie’s attention. In the deeper end it had a step next to the wall, so Charlie could walk on it and I could walk beside him. It was beautiful, clean, and we basically had the pool to ourselves. It was heaven! I wish we had discovered it earlier in the summer. I definitely hope to get another invite next summer.

Surrounded by gorgeous mountains

And who could forget about Alpine Days?! It is definitely a Gruber tradition. However, Nancy and George had to bow out this year due to a wedding of a dear family friend. Sad that they should miss this year since they changed the parade route right in front of their house. Even though they couldn’t attend, we still took advantage of the perfect, shaded parade spot. The Riverton Grubers also joined us. After the parade, we took a short walk across the street to the new park. They moved the fair to the new park...another exciting change for Alpine Days. We didn’t stay long, however, due to the extreme heat.

Set up right in front of the Grubers

Within a week later, Greta Grace Gruber was born!

We had a fun Family Night Activity with the Reddings. They invited us to go fishing at Silver Lake. It turned out to be pretty fun. Charlie was a gem, hanging out in his stroller, just watching us. It didn’t hurt that the Reddings brought their dog, Heidi. That was a sure way to keep Charlie entertained. Each of us was able to catch at least one fish. The scenery was gorgeous! It did get a little chilly there at the fingers and hands were bright red! But, it was definitely worth it.

Fishing in sync

Check out the beauty

We finally got to take the Wingers up the canyon for a BBQ. They noticed that we were going all the time and they wanted to join in and have us show them the ropes. It was a fun evening, but we didn’t exactly impress them with our skills. The BBQ area that we wanted to take them to was full, so we had to drive all the way back down to the mouth of the canyon to find a spot. By that time, it was a little later than we hoped. We grilled up some chicken thighs, and they were okay...not our best. But, they showed us up with this gigantic steak! It took close to an hour for that thing to cook. They shared some with us and it was amazing! It is one of those pre-marinated steaks from Costco. Since then we have purchased and grilled up our own, and it was just as tasty! We will definitely be getting a lot of those next season. Back to the BBQ….we didn’t grill the corn quite long enough, we were impatient and hungry, and so it was a little crunchy. But the peach cobbler was pretty dang good, even though it was pitch black by the time we ate it. Thanks to cell phones, we weren’t left completely in the dark. The Wingers didn’t quite get to experience the joy we get from our canyon BBQ’s, but hopefully they will give us another chance next year.

Georgia and Charlie...6 months apart...they could be twins!

We had a couple other “at-home” BBQ’s with some other friends in August as well. It is fun to look back and be reminded how many friends you are surrounded by. We are so lucky. Our neighborhood friends, the Provosts, invited us over for a fun steak BBQ. They also treated us to some strawberries and cream...which turned into a recipe that we used again and again for the rest of the summer and the start of the fall. We especially loved making it with fresh peaches. So addicting! Another BBQ was with my high school friends, Kerstin and Alisha, and their families . The plan was to go up the canyon, but thanks to the weather, we relocated to Kerstin’s house. It’s always a good time with good food and good friends. We had another friend dinner with Nate and Sarah Tadje, and another couple that Jason knew from high school. The Tadjes invited us over to their new place in American Fork. Sarah made us a delicious dinner and we spent the evening chatting and watching the boys trying out their uni-cycling skills.

With the Tadjes:

Love these summer days!

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