Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Charlie’s Fourteenth Month

13 Months to 14 Months

Charlie has become more clingy and moody. I wonder if he is teething. Whatever it is, he definitely has a lot more separation anxiety.

Charlie had his first experience with hives. One evening, I noticed on his back that there were some tiny red dots. I figured it was just some irritation from rolling on the floor without a shirt on. However, the next day, the dots got bigger (pea-sized) and had spread to his stomach. We went to the pediatrician and he took a look at Charlie. He said it was hives, but the cause is nearly impossible to pin-point. He pretty much sent me home with orders to give him some benadryl and come back if it got any worse. The benadryl worked like a charm. By the next day, the rash was gone.

On July 28th, Charlie took his first official steps! He walked eight steps with Daddy in the hall at church. He did that several times in a row! This was while I was in Relief Society, so I didn’t get to see it. But luckily Jason was able to catch some video of it on his phone. Of course, as soon as I showed up, Charlie didn’t want to perform. On August 4th, Charlie took about 20 steps at church….again, with Daddy in the hall. From that day on, Charlie continued moving around with a combination of walking and crawling. He would try to walk, but then would resort to crawling if he got really desperate and wanted to get somewhere fast. Even though he can walk, he still wants to hold your finger or hand and walk with you. I think it is more so you will go with him than for balance. With that said, he isn’t content with just walking anywhere with you anymore. He used to love walking around anywhere, it didn’t matter where you went as long as you were walking him there. Now, he guides you where he wants to go. If you try to turn him and walk somewhere else, he arches his back, lifts his legs, and starts to cry. He is determined and knows where he wants to go.

July 28th - First steps

At the beginning of the month, Charlie got really good at crawling down the stairs on his belly. He loved it! By the end of the month, he wasn’t really interested in crawling up or down the stairs anymore. Now, he wants to walk them with you. He would spend all day on the stairs if he could. He likes to take the stairs one foot to one stair, just like grown-ups do.

Charlie is FINALLY starting to wave! Aren’t babies supposed to be able to do that at like six months old? I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment, even though his waving is not really at people. It is mostly when we go outside, when he is in the stroller, or at cars. Hey, it is progress right? We are still working on our clapping skills. However, I do have to say that we have been so lucky that we have never really had a problem with drooling. I have seen some babies that require a bib all the time because they are covered in so much drool. I have never had to change Charlie’s shirt once due to drool!

Here are a couple discoveries: Charlie loves hot dogs and brats, and he loves my “What’s Up” wake up song. When I go to get him after his naps, I walk in the door and start singing and dancing to my made up song. He just smiles, stands up, holds onto the side of the crib, and starts bouncing to the beat. It is adorable!

And here are the pictures from Charlie’s fourteenth month:

Charlie loves this movie, and LOVES this song

Giggle time for Mr. Chunky

A trip to the mall

Like father like son

Park Time

A hot day at Seven Peaks
I finally found a sippy cup that he loves! It has a flexible tip/mouth piece so he has to bite down on it for him to drink from it. It seems to keep him satisfied.

Working on those steps and working on that sippy cup

More church hall walking

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