Saturday, November 9, 2013

Farewell Kimberly

The time finally came for Kimberly to leave on her mission to Atlanta, Georgia. I couldn’t help but feel really excited for her, and somewhat envious. I have never been the girl that felt the responsibility to serve a mission as a young adult. That is something that I want to do when I am older with my husband. But just thinking about her leaving on her mission, starting a new adventure, and learning so much seemed so awesome! The ways she is going to grow are just incredible, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

She gave her farewell address a couple weeks before her departure date. That was intentional, so that her final days home would not be so stressed and hectic. I think it was a perfect idea. Kimberly did an amazing job! Seriously, I was shocked to hear her speak like that. It was like she became a totally different person. It is crazy to see your little brothers and sisters grow up. It feels like they will always be these young children, but they grow up too and even impress you. She is a very confident young lady, with a lot of heart, and a lot of love to give. After sacrament meeting, my mom invited all of the friends and family over to their house for lunch and goodies. My mom worked really hard to get the house looking perfect for this occasion. Everything looked so nice, and everyone had a great time. There was so much food! And it was all so delicious! Some of our Idaho family was able to make the drive for this special day, and that was super nice.

The Sunday before her departure date, we celebrated Tyson’s birthday. It was a great excuse to get together, celebrate, and spend some more time together as a family. Tuesday afternoon, Charlie and I met up with my mom, Camry, and Kimberly and had pool day at the Larsen's Pool. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and a perfect way to relax and spend time together.

Tyson's Birthday Dinner:

Getting in some good wrestling and tickling action

Taking a family hike on Corner Canyon Trail:

Thankfully, Charlie cooperated...even if his carrier was a little small

Pool day:

Charlie sure loves his aunties

Wednesday, August 21st, finally arrived. Kim had been set apart the night before. Everyone met up at the Maglebys in Orem for a delicious, all-you-can eat pancake and french toast breakfast. The bacon there, is so tasty! According to Jason, they bake it with brown sugar. Kimberly looked so beautiful as a missionary. I love that the dressing standards have changed a bit for sister missionaries. They are able to accessorize and look like normal, modern girls now. The missionary look definitely suits her. After a long breakfast, we headed over to the Provo Temple for a nice (hot) walk, some family pictures, and our final words and goodbyes. Those are always such tender and special moments. Everyone was a little emotional. But we are lucky to live in this generation, where we can write letters, email, and send pictures on a weekly basis.

Kim gets set apart:

Taking a walk at the new Corner Canyon High School


Provo Temple: 

(Sadly, Bryan couldn't miss school)

The Goodbyes:
It is crazy to think that Charlie will almost be three the next time they see each other. 

I love seeing my dad all tender-hearted

Jason had the rest of the day off, so Jason, Charlie, and I went up Provo Canyon. We went for a relaxing drive, and drove up past Vivian Park. We stopped at South Fork Park, and Jason fished while Charlie and relaxed in the shade and walked around in the grass.

It is crazy how time flies! She has already been there for two and a half months now! She was in the Provo MTC for about ten days and then left for Georgia. She is absolutely loving it. You can tell by her letters and emails that she is genuine about her happiness and about her testimony. It is contagious. She is definitely a force for good, and she is changing peoples lives (including her own). Love you, Kim, and we can’t wait to be reunited with you again in 2015!

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