Sunday, November 17, 2013

Emily The Homemaker

I must have been hungry to create/make things at the beginning of September. Or, it could have been that we had a box of 40 peaches that we couldn’t eat fast enough.

Last year, Nancy came over and taught me how to make freezer jam. She brought the fruit for us to make strawberry and peach freezer jams. They are always a crowd pleaser at family dinners, especially with some warm dinner rolls. So this year, I ventured it alone. It’s weird, it seems like whenever I try to duplicate something (like a family recipe), it never turns out exactly right, but when I make something new I hardly have any issues and it turns out great. I guess it is probably because I don’t have any expectations of what it should look or taste like. Well, anyways, I was relieved that my peach freezer jam turned out just right. Now we are stocked up for another year.

Okay, it must have been the enormous amount of peaches, because within a week later I was at my mom’s house canning peaches. I had never actually canned peaches before, so I was surprised at the lengthiness of the process. Peeling those dang peaches takes a good chunk of time! It is definitely a two person job. I can’t imagine doing it on my own. But thanks to my mom’s help I was able to take home several jars of peaches. They are just so much better than the store bought canned peaches. Definitely worth the time and sticky fingers.

My next project was making a Halloween wreath. My friend, Kylie, invited me and another friend, Stacee, to her house for a craft day. So we brought our kiddos and the materials needed for our wreaths. We each chose a different wreath from Pinterest and had a ball putting them together, eating yummy treats, chatting it up, and watching the kids make a disaster of the house. I wanted my wreath to be cute, but have a spooky theme, so I chose “Nevermore” wreath. I am so happy with how it turned out, the hard part was waiting until October to finally hang it on my door!

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