Monday, November 11, 2013

August Continues

Our ward had their famous, annual Ward Luau. We have a Japanese-Hawaiian Bishop, and he loves having the ward put on a luau each year during the summer. It was really nice having a ward party that we weren’t in charge of. It was nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the event. The ward luau is not only fun with delicious food, but is an awesome way to get inactive and non-members to come join in. There is always a good turn out. There are some people we never see at church, but each year they attend the luau. That just shows what an event it is. We missed it last year because we were still at the hospital after Charlie was born. We had a Hawaiian style menu, including a full-on pig! There was also some legit hula/Hawaiian dancing and entertainment (thanks to the Bishop’s children). The luau was also a great excuse to wear our Hawaiian wear that my parents brought back for us from my uncle’s Hawaiian shop in San Francisco. I was so glad that Charlie got a chance to wear it before he grew out of it. It fit him just perfectly. 

I’m sure you all wanted a garden update, so here it is: I finally replaced the flowers that died during our cruise. I don’t love these ones quite as much, and I had a hard time getting the ones on the end to thrive, but they were still pretty and it made me really happy to tend to them. Our tomato plants kept providing lots and lots of tomatoes, so we made lots and lots of salsa, and had a fun time sharing with family, friends, and neighbors.

Salsa Time!

And who could forget about the enormous spider Jason found on the side of our house: 
Makes me shiver just thinking about it

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