Monday, January 27, 2014

Charlie’s Sixteenth Month

15 Months to 16 Months
(September 19-October 19)

Charlie had his 15 Month check up. Charlie is a tall, lean boy with a big head. Here are his measurements:

Weight: 23 lbs 1 oz - 52%
Height: 32.5 inches - 87%
Head: 47.7 cm - 74%

So basically, he is perfect :) We love him to death!

Jason had a hilarious bath time experience with Charlie one night while I was gone:
(In Jason's words)
"Time for Charlie's nightly bath.  I got the tub filling, got Charlie down to his birthday suit, and plopped him in the tub.  This was the stage where he didn't necessarily lay down in the water, but would prefer kneeling/sitting/or mostly standing.  I was in the bathroom, getting his towel ready, throwing his previous diaper away, when he just started freaking out.  It wasn't like a pain cry, it was pure terror. Charlie had his hands on the side of the tub, trying to scramble his way out.  I quickly went over to see what was wrong.  
I quickly discovered that a big orangeish brown terd was apparently Charlies version of a monster...his own monster.  I couldn't help but laugh, but I also thought "what the heck am I going to do now?"  I reacted quickly, perhaps too quickly, and scooped up the poop with my hand and tossed it in the toilet.  Upon doing so, I saw another smaller poo next to his foot, that I also scooped up.  The water was now soiled, Charlie was wet and crying, but hadn't been properly washed, so I needed to start over.  I started draining the tub and got Charlie out, since he was still freaking out.  I was busily trying to splash all the stubborn poo particles down towards the drain so I could refill the tub, while holding on to Charlie with one arm.  The smell of poo was everywhere.  I was surprised it still smelled so bad, since most of the poo was either down the drain or still in the toilet ( not sure why I hadn't flushed it yet, but there were other priorities).  Apparently knees, while on cold tile, are not very sensitive, because now there was poo all outside of the tub, and on me, and I had no idea.  Charlie's mission was not complete while in the tub, and he had let loose another round, a much softer version too, because I never heard it hit the tile.  It had been smeared all over, and mostly by me.  Now the situation was getting more complicated, I had to wipe his fanny off as well as his feet, and quickly got him back in the bath. 

Ultimately, I cleaned myself up and the floor.  It was stressful, funny, slimy, and stinky.  Although kids may ignorantly crawl, walk, and sleep in their own poopy diapers, apparently its a different story when Mr. Hanky plops in the water next to your feet."

We are seeing some changes and progress! Charlie hugged me! He is starting to give real hugs and it is just the cutest thing. Ah, it melts my heart when I can feel him squeeze my neck or shoulders and rest his head. He is also starting to give kisses! Yes, they are open-mouthed kisses, but they are so cute! Again, heart-melting!

Charlie is pretty dang obedient for his age. When I say no, he knows what it means. He usually stops dead in his tracks, turns around, and heads toward me. Usually there is a big old frown on his face and he is close to tears. But he is obedient! This has been so nice when it comes to getting close to the stairs, or walking outside near the street. I love it!

He LOVES circling things! He doesn’t care if it is chairs, people, tree stumps, Mommy...he just loves walking around and around and around!

His first nap is starting to become a bit of a joke. He hardly ever sleeps during his first nap anymore. He usually just lays there, or walks around the crib, or kicks his legs while jabbering on and off. I was hoping to keep with the two nap routine until he was 18 months, but this is looking like the end. From what I hear from in-laws, 15 months has been the norm for their kids to switch to one nap a day.

He is finally brushing his teeth with toothpaste! Yes, he is mostly just sucking on it and swallowing it, but it is a step in the right direction! Last month I would just brush his teeth with nothing on it, but now I have started using a rice sized amount of toothpaste. He loves it! It will probably be awhile before he will learn how to spit it out. I try to get a few moments of good brushing in for him before he grabs the brush away and demands to do it himself.

Charlie jabbers SO much in his own little language. Sometimes he just goes at it, and doesn’t stop for a long time. Just talk talk talk...I wish I could know what he is trying to say. It is so cute. Nancy loves it too and said that it is very unique. She said that none of the other grandchildren jabbered that much without using real words. Charlie, you are one of a kind!

A glimpse at some of his jabbering

Charlie staying with my family while Jason and I were in Lake Powell:

They even braved taking him to one of Bryan's bike races!

Charlie loves my mom's homemade granola!

Culprit: Berry Smoothie

Charlie sitting like Daddy did as a kid...yikes!
But he was loving the animal toys at Blickenstaffs!

Charlie surprised us one morning with the cutest wave as he slid down the side of the bed

One of our laughing sessions

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  1. He looks so OLD with longer hair! And oh my gosh that poop story is soooo funny!! My worst nightmare... I dread the day I have to experience that. I let Georgia watch these videos of Charlie with me and she loved them! But then again, she loves the older boys... such a flirt already! She was totally trying to talk back to him in the video. Baby laughs are the best.